Brick by KiBiSi


Brick by KiBiSi

This sofa by Copenhagen designers KiBiSi consists of stacked pillows with fiber concrete buttons.

Brick by KiBiSi

Called Brick, the design will be launched this month with new Danish upholstery company Versus.

Brick by KiBiSi

Here are some more details from KiBiSi:

KiBiSi launches Brick - a couch series for the new Danish design brand, VERSUS

KiBiSi has designed the Brick series for Versus. The series consists of a pouf, a chair, a two and three seater. KiBiSi set out to make a sofa with strong architectural references since KiBiSi partner Bjarke Ingels couldn’t really find the right architect’s sofa for his apartment. The point of departure was a classic brick bond forming the cushion pattern. The cushions are tied together and fixed with a tailor quality button. The button, also designed by KiBiSi, is molded of fiber concrete – Yet another architectural reference.

Bjarke Ingels of KiBiSi says: “What is a sofa but a pile of pillows for maximum comfort? Turning the habitual modularity of sofa design into a virtue, the Brick explores the tectonic of bricklaying to stack sandbag like cushions into architecture for comfort.”

A new brand with a long heritage

Versus is a new Scandinavian design brand founded by Peter Barreth. Although versus is an entirely new brand with new designs, the team has a long history of excellence within upholstery. The ambition is to mix this traditional craftsmanship with up-beat contemporary design. Brick and Versus launches October 2010


Founded by Kilo Design / Lars Holme Larsen, BIG / Bjarke Ingels and Skibsted Ideation / Jens Martin Skibsted, KiBiSi is a Copenhagen based idea-driven industrial design firm. KiBiSi works with culturally leading brands and fortune 1000 companies. Each partner contributes with intelligence and experience from within his specific field providing KiBiSi with cutting edge knowledge and knowhow within the fields of architecture, design, furniture, electronics, transportation, contemporary culture and lifestyle. KiBiSi is committed to making lasting designs that carry strong ideas. For more information, please visit


Versus is a design company based in Denmark, a country famed for its clean uncompromising aesthetics in both architecture and furniture design. Versus is strongly rooted in traditional construction techniques and craftsmanship, yet interpreting previous design aesthetics to fit a modern life style. Versus cooperates with world-renowned international architects and designers. The Versus team holds many years’ experience in the furniture industry. Versus couches are handmade and custom made to fit the customers’ requests choosing from a variety of high quality materials.

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  • Emc

    Looks more like sandbags than bricks. Could be usefull in case of flooding…

  • seems like biscuits

  • Looks very nice indeed, but is also good in collecting dust.

  • eff

    search ' cushionized sofa ' on google images! lol

  • Juliane

    My fear would be finding random food/lost items in the cushions!

  • Gsus

    Just pile up pillows as if they were bricks and that's supposed to be innovating?!

  • Seth

    more like pebble

  • Mickey

    I don't know…passive aggressive.

  • Elisabeth

    Looks great! but it is not original AT ALL.
    I have seen this years ago in Paris at a fair called 'Maison et objets'…

  • Alain

    The very same thing as been done by the German and Brussels based designer Christiane Hoegner a few years ago and repetedly shown in the Off during the Milan Furniture Faire…. and also in Saint Etiene in France… and has been part of a travaeling exibition.
    She has done several versions of here "Cushionized Sofa".
    You can see her work at

  • Well – even there might be others on the market, I like the architectural idea behind it! &&& which other sofa does have buttons made of concret?