Rubber Stool by h220430


Rubber Stool by h220430

Japanese studio h220430 have designed this stool made of recycled rubber.

Rubber Stool by h220430

The stool is made by bending one piece of rubber and bolting the legs to keep them in place.

Rubber Stool by h220430

It can be rolled up and stored when not in use.

Rubber Stool by h220430

Here's more information from the designers:

What we aimed for this time is neither functional design nor design for marketing, but design to produce an "opportunity". We wanted to design not just primary shape of things but secondary communication deriving from the messages in the things. Regarding the rubber, which has widely used for a long time, a research and development of rubber is moving forward with a progress of the material science. Now, the artificial synthetic rubber becomes popular and plays an active part in this field.

Rubber Stool by h220430

On the other hand, a demand of natural rubber keeps expanding since natural rubber is better than synthetic rubber in terms of its physicality and cost.  This enlarges a large scale of rubber tree planting, and environmental destruction due to a deforestation become worse mainly in Southeast Asia. Although to use recycled rubber is proposed as one of the approaches to improve this circumstance, this approach is not progressed. We designed a stool made by recycled rubber taking this situation into consideration.

Rubber Stool by h220430

Although a framework of this stool is simple with just bending one piece of rubber plate and holding legs with bolts, a form of this stool is unimaginably elegant and comfortably cushioned with elasticity of rubber. This stool can be stored in a small space by rolling up when it is not in use. We hope that this Rubber Stool is widely used as one of the usage of recycled rubber and it would be a trigger that people realize the circumstance of deforestation for making rubber.

Size: W 320×D 320×H 400

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  • Flying Dutchman

    I like the estetic and use of the material, but doesn't look very comfortable.

  • charlie chan

    amazing work that uses recycled material very seriously.

    I believe the beautifying of recycled industrial waste is gonna be the next hot thing.

  • amsam

    It's ballsy to describe one's own project as "unimaginably elegant"– and yet they're right, it kind of is.

  • felix

    it's kind of small

  • love that it can be stowed away

  • Oana

    I know this doesn't really fit here, but i got inspired by the recycled rubber used here and would like to use this material for a university project.
    The problem is, that I wasn't able to find a place where one could get sth like that…could one of you point me in the right direction? I would like to make a whole furniture set out of recycled rubber.

  • Tom

    I like the design, I think it's simple and quiet. I like more the designers consideration and awareness of the meaning of materials. A product is the midpoint of materials and ideas you have to be aware of both I think this design is