EOps Noisezero i+ Eco by Michael Young


Hong Kong designer Michael Young has created a range of bio-plastic in-ear headphones made of cornstarch.

EOPS by Michael Young

Called EOps Noisezero i+ Eco, the products have silicon tips and come in four colours.

EOPS by Michael Young

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EOPS by Michael Young

The information below is from Michael Young:

EOps NOISEZERO i+ in-ear headphones with Remote/Mic for iPod, iPhone, iPad

Designed by Michael Young

The World’s First Cornstarch Ear-buds

The EOps Noisezero i+ Eco edition uses revolutionary eco-friendly cornstarch bio-plastics for the ear-buds and the microphone housing. In our design process, we found that by using cornstarch bio-plastics to build the ear-buds acoustics chamber, natural feeling mid tone can be achieved.

EOPS by Michael Young

The unique horn shaped ear-buds chamber optimized acoustics performance for brilliant treble and the extra large bass reflect port at the back provides super strong bass whilst celebrating these as design features.

EOPS by Michael Young

The form factor of the ear buds was also designed to assist the ease of positioning and passive noise isolation.

EOPS by Michael Young

The user can hold the slim part of the ear buds when inserting the silicone ear tips into the ear canal, and then rotate the ear buds 90 degrees such that the silicone ear tips can achieve good acoustic seal in the ear canals for best audio results.

EOps Noisezero i+ Eco by Michael Young

The microphone and remote module on the headphones cable is an Apple-approved three-button version, letting you control playback as well as volume level for the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad, and recent iPod. The EOps Noisezero i+ Eco edition comes in colors of charcoal, rustic brown, midnight blue and sage green. A carrying case is included in the pack.

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  • Jes

    ooh! this is going on my christmas lis!

  • yeah~it's really first green designed ear bud~! I need more informations for buying.

  • Honestly, this earphones don't look good to me. Especially the color, it looks like earphones from the old days…

  • Donald Waters

    Do I really need a monogrammed jack-plug??

  • sornsorthor

    that included signature must cost much.

  • Can someone please tell me where I can buy these?

  • I want this headphone so badly! :D

  • Xit

    Will folks ditch their Ipod phones for these ?…….

  • Why oh, why do the Design stars create technologically inferior products? Is teh client wanting to sell some 19.95 FM-CG? For heaven's sake design some equipment with quality! Dual drivers, please???