In the Sky by Case-Real for E&Y


In the Sky by CASE-REAL

This mobile made up of intertwined steel branches is by Japanese designer Koichi Futatsumata of Case-Real.

In the Sky by CASE-REAL

Called In the Sky, the mobile can be assembled by hooking the bent metal rods over one another and is secured at the top by a tiny hoop.

In the Sky by CASE-REAL

The product is part of 'edition HORIZONTAL', a new collection of objects by various designers in collaboration with Tokyo manufacturers E&Y.

In the Sky by CASE-REAL

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In the Sky by CASE-REAL

Here's some more information from Case-Real and E&Y:

For edition HORIZONTAL / E&Y

Branches fall and tangle with the ones below, gently swinging in the air. I felt a kind of beauty, within the fragile balance a coincidence can create.

In the Sky by CASE-REAL

My interest towards this kind of beauty gave birth to the "in the sky", an object which shall frame the space with richness.

In the Sky by CASE-REAL

design : Koichi Futatsumata
principal use : mobile
material : steel

In the Sky by CASE-REAL

size : (S) W.665 x D.656 x H.370mm / (L) W.1,000 x D.988 x H.540mm

In the Sky by CASE-REAL

manufacturer : E&Y
release : winter, 2010

In the Sky by CASE-REAL

- edition HORIZONTAL / E&Y -

A multiple is an object. An object meaning something. Objects inherit their true values, meanings, and often provide mental satisfaction when taken in one's hand. Without prioritizing function, to give the joy to possess, by creating an object appealing to one's inner depth.

In the Sky by CASE-REAL

And to give a view, a horizon, where various people and objects are connected side by side. "edition HORIZONTAL" is a new collection and an announcement made by E&Y in collaboration with various designers.

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  • Andy all in Japanese though.

  • nulla

    A good interpretation of Calder`s work. Minimal, simple, elegant.

  • Jlen

    Do you get a free pair of protective glasses with each purchase?