Relumine by Mischer’Traxler


Relumine by MischerTraxler

Vienna designers Mischer’Traxler have created a series of lights where two found lamps share one fluorescent bulb.

Relumine by MischerTraxler

Called Relumine, the project involves sourcing discarded lamps then applying fresh finishes, a glass tube and low-energy light fittings to the new compositions.

Relumine by MischerTraxler

The project was first exhibited as part of an exhibition called Bulb Fiction at Gallery Klaus Engelhorn during Vienna Design Week 2010.

Relumine by MischerTraxler

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Relumine by MischerTraxler

The information that follows is from Mischer’Traxler:

Relumine by Mischer’Traxler

The start of this project was a focus on light sources. Instead of completely designing a newly shaped lamp, 'Relumine' plays on the fact that we have to switch from old light bulbs to new energy saving light sources.

Relumine by MischerTraxler

Each 'Relumine' uses two, discarded lamps, which are disassembled, sanded, newly lacquered and adapted with newer technology, before they are connected by a glass tube which holds a fluorescent tube.

Relumine by MischerTraxler

By introducing a different means of light source to the old lamps, their look and feel changes completely. They become one new unit, each with its own character. Together these two lamps need less energy than each one in its previous life.

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  • CDT

    It's like a staring competition for lamps.

  • Like te idee of the lights.
    Butt i'm not sure how the slave light gets its power.
    (do the wires go threw the tube?)

  • N__

    One of the most genius designs I have ever seen!

  • douglas

    genius – too magnificent for words. I hate him

  • e1027

    should have villaingettingzappedbysuperhero sound effects when you switch it on – i can hardly bear the tension!!!

  • These are WONDERFUL! I agree completely, it's a stroke of genius.

  • felix

    bit too likely to break?

  • genius.

  • Great design guys, congratulations!

  • tim123

    very nice!
    a little bit like “Staring at Cat Staring at Cat Staring” by Steve Bishop

  • Justin

    Ingenious, like a duel from Star Wars frozen in time.

  • wtj

    Whats with the gate-keeping about comments?
    I posted a spontaneous comment which was "OMG" as soon I saw this work. To me its game changing design… and my brief comment was an honest and first response.
    Why isnt this comment included?
    Should people not bother commenting if it doesnt meet your 'comment ideal'? This is not the first time I have had a comment rejected. it gives one the shits really. And thats a shame because I love(d) this site

  • Anyone here handle these tubes often? They shatter really spectacularly, spreading a bit of mercury gas in the process and fine glass splinters everywhere. The notion of a strip light being positioned between anything that won't hold it completely rigid is just design folly. I'm sorry but this appears yet solution looking for a problem. Fine for Hoxton bars and galleries, but I think that's about the limit.