Third by Max Lamb for E&Y


Third by Max Lamb for E&Y

London designer Max Lamb has designed this self-assembly wooden chair for Tokyo furniture brand E&Y.

Third by Max Lamb for E&Y

The title of the product, called Third, refers to the way designer, manufacturer and consumer must each do one third of the required work to create the chair.

Third by Max Lamb for E&Y

The piece forms part of E&Y's new collection entitled Edition Horizontal.

Third by Max Lamb for E&Y

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The information below is from Lamb:

[ third ] design by Max Lamb
For edition HORIZONTAL / E&Y

This is a 33/33/33 project, where the designer and manufacturer constructing all the components, and the consumer assembling the chair at home, are equally involved in the completion of the piece.

People used to be much more resourceful, but nowadays we have become lazy, less confident, or even lost the practical knowledge entirely. This is very sad.

I would like to encourage people to re-discover their ability for building furniture and regain the confidence to work with tools. Giving the consumer a certain volume of responsibility, is for them to regain confidence. “third” is a project reflecting these ideas.

material : spf
size : W.380 x D.525 x H.794
manufacturer : E&Y
release : winter, 2010

edition HORIZONTAL / E&Y

A multiple is an object. An object meaning something. Objects inherit their true values, meanings, and often provide mental satisfaction when taken in one's hand. Without prioritizing function, to give the joy to possess, by creating an object appealing to one's inner depth.
And to give a view, a horizon, where various people and objects are connected side by side. "edition HORIZONTAL" is a new collection and an announcement made by E&Y in collaboration with various designers.

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  • Hercule Poirot

    This self-constructing philosophy sounds like Ikea-music to me …

  • rocklaubster

    a person my size would break this

    • polly

      get off the computer and do some exercise then….

    • A. Jerk

      You should probably lose some weight then.

    • @rocklaubster I would have to agree. This looks anything but sturdy in general

  • Schnauffle

    How much confidence will it instill when it inevitably wobbles and falls apart after a while?

    This displays a complete neglect of simple engineering and basic correct joinery practice.

    But softwood's super trendy right?! so that's cool. It doesn't matter.


  • Emerson

    I'm not sure the designer has done their 3rd yet

  • Alex

    there are several things wrong about that bottom picture –

    1. DIY is made trickier when sporting a nightie
    2. on a concrete floor, she really isn't looking after her knees
    3. why a nightie?
    4. it looks massively rickety and much like a random pile of off cuts while being assembled
    5. it looks massively rickety and much like a random pile of off cuts when completed.

    thats it.

  • seems like ikea to me, too

  • Alan

    As usual It was already done in the 1974 by Enzo Mari. Last year Artek put the project in production.
    I would underline the knowledge and details of the Mari's chair that is quite more refined as an archetype, in functionality and probably it is easer to assemble.
    But I love the fact that people are still proposing this kind of Hippy concept DIY, nice project Max.

  • robert g

    Lots of structures of this type… reminds me of this: