Home Traveller by Anne Lorenz


Home Traveller by Anne Lorenz

Cologne 2011: young designer Anne Lorenz presented this storage chest modelled on an enormous handbag as part of [D3] Design Talents at imm cologne last week.

Home Traveller by Anne Lorenz

Called Home Traveller, the leather bag on legs is designed to be moved around without occupying a fixed place on the home.

Home Traveller by Anne Lorenz

imm cologne took place 18-23 January. See all our coverage of the event here »

Home Traveller by Anne Lorenz

Here's a little bit of text from Lorenz:

Home Traveller was part of my graduation project at HFG Karlsruhe/Germany. It is a combination of a handbag and furniture - a play with those archetypes. The portable storage unit can easily be carried from one place to another and be arranged in the living space like an accessory. Instead of a normal furniture it has no fixed place in the room. It is as spacious like a chest but more flexible in the use.

Materials: Leather, wood.

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  • easily carried? hovering approx 10 to 15 kg storage with only one hand while trying to keep it in a central position over the bag and not trying to bump into the whole thing. sounds like fun

  • carillonista

    Fun, but lacks the elegance of Hermione's handbag with its Undetectable Extension Charm.

  • I like the idea, but it's just a tad large. No?

  • Matt

    the mistake was in stating that it's intended to be "easily carried from one place to another". Obviously not. Otherwise just stationary is good for me… as a "chest"

  • kloagency

    Incredible! I'm pretty sure I live out of a bag even at my own house so this makes perfect sense.

  • ilinca

    it would be nice to be a chair to.

  • marciniak

    its clearly fun, and not meant to be an enormously practical item, critics relax, its pleasant to look at…take it for what it is.

  • gary

    Kei Kagami did this already.

  • Joe

    kei kagami's bag is not ment to be used as furniture, so it's another approach. but i like both of it.