Primary Cabinet by Peter Jakubik


Primary Cabinet by Peter Jakubik

Here's another project by Slovakian designer Peter Jakubik (see his Hobby Panton Chair in yesterday's story), this time a cabinet with a chalkboard surface.

Primary Cabinet by Peter Jakubik

The Primary Cabinet is a piece of furniture for children and provides users with the ability to alter its appearance as and when they desire.

Primary Cabinet by Peter Jakubik

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Here's a tiny bit of text from the designer:

Primary Cabinet - Draw own design

A storage cabinet created by young European designer. Peter Jakubik seeks an inspiration in the trend of "open source" with the possibility of endless variations of the final product. An Appearance of the product can user set easily as changing colour of the monitor background in your netbook.

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  • BBB

    Aaaahhhh conceptualism,..sigh…
    reminds me of the good old days when design had to be understood and was not judged on if it was pretty or practical and stuff.
    so is this supposed to be retro?

  • Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I've been planning on making something just like this!!!!!!