Mulberry Manchester store
by Universal Design Studio

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Mulberry Manchester store by Universal Design Studio

London interior architects Universal Design Studio have completed the interior of a new store in Manchester, UK, for fashion brand Mulberry.

Mulberry Manchester store by Universal Design Studio

A wall tiled in bespoke unglazed ceramic tiles supports wall-mounted glass cases and wooden hooks.

Mulberry Manchester store by Universal Design Studio

Collections are displayed on oak shelving and inside brass-framed cabinets.

Mulberry Manchester store by Universal Design Studio

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Mulberry Manchester store by Universal Design Studio

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Mulberry Manchester store by Universal Design Studio

Photographs are by Paul Greenleaf.

The information below is from the designers:

Mulberry Manchester store by Universal Design Studio


Universal Design Studio has completed work on the new Mulberry flagship store for the north of England in Manchester. The Manchester store is the latest in an ongoing collaboration between Mulberry and Universal Design Studio, who recently unveiled the new Mulberry London flagship store on New Bond Street to critical acclaim. Mulberry will be rolling-out this new concept created by Universal which is based on elements of craft as well as ecological concerns and Mulberry’s origins in the English landscape.

Hannah Carter Owers, associate director at Universal Design Studio comments: “Our brief from Mulberry has provided an amazing freedom of creativity. We have collaborated to create an interior concept that both reflects Mulberry’s brand values, but also one which challenges the norms of luxury retail design.”

The new store design plays on the idea of two separate ‘zones,’ the ‘Garden’ and the ‘Drawing Room.’ The concept aims to create an environment with a distinct change in pace for visitors, as well as a flexible space for Mulberry to display different collections, both classic and fashion-led. “The Manchester store was actually where the Garden and Drawing Room concept originated, so we are really exciting to see it come to life,” says Carter Owers.

The Garden allows for incredibly flexible display. A bespoke tiled wall acts as a display fixture thanks to wall-mounted glass ‘tanks,’ ready-to-wear rail and removable timber prongs. The wall, made up of unglazed porcelain tiles of varying thickness/angles, also provides a striking textured backdrop to the store. The floor within the Garden is sandblasted limestone with a fumigated, end grain oak centre.
The concept for the Drawing Room juxtaposes the natural feeling of the Garden with a statement, polished brass cash desk and stainless steel clad column. A family of dark oak perimeter units has been designed to house specific collections of product and the shelving has unfinished Mulberry leather inserts. A Rachel Whiteread daybed and Barber Osgerby Zero-In table sit on bespoke carpet just outside the luxurious, large-scale fitting rooms.

Georgia Fendley, Brand Director for Mulberry says: “We began work on the Manchester store some time ago, in fact it was the first store we planned with Universal and it was where the more domestic approach to a luxury retail space originated. The objective was to create a really practical and flexible space with a distinct change of pace for shoppers and an aesthetic more in tune with the Mulberry brand personality, reflecting our authenticity, attention to detail, energy and playfulness and of course our passion for great British craft.”

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