Concept Cabin by Airbus


Transparent aeroplane by Airbus

Aviation firm Airbus have unveiled a conceptual aeroplane with a transparent cabin and virtual golf course.

Transparent aeroplane by Airbus

Proposed for the year 2050, the plane would offer passengers seats that change shape, aromatherapy and antioxidant-enriched air.

Transparent aeroplane by Airbus

Onboard entertainment would include holographic games of golf and virtual changing rooms for shopping.

Transparent aeroplane by Airbus

The concept was unveiled in London yesterday and will be on show at the Paris Airshow from 20 to 26 June.

Transparent aeroplane by Airbus

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Transparent aeroplane by Airbus

The information below is from Airbus:

Intelligent interiors replace class system for a bespoke flying experience


Leading aircraft manufacturer Airbus, in advance of the Paris Airshow “Le Bourget”, today invited the passengers of 2050 to discover its Concept Cabin - a whole new flying experience inspired by nature.

Personalised zones replace traditional cabin classes to offer tailored levels of experience. While taking a hop between destinations, according to Airbus, passengers in 2050 could join an interactive conference; enjoy a game of virtual golf; read the kids back home a bedtime story; and recharge in a ‘vitalising seat’ whilst watching the planet spread out beneath their feet.

This latest instalment of The Future by Airbus – a vision of aviation in 2050 – follows last year’s unveiling of the revolutionary Airbus Concept Plane, packed with technologies to reduce fuel burn, emissions, waste and noise. The Airbus Concept Cabin now gives further insight into some of the innovations and technologies that will shape future passenger experiences on board.

The aircraft’s bionic structure mimics the efficiency of bird bone which is optimised to provide strength where needed, and allows for an intelligent cabin wall membrane which controls air temperature and can become transparent to give passengers open panoramic views.

The Concept Cabin has an integrated ‘neural network’ creating an intelligent interface between passenger and plane. It can identify and respond to passenger needs and enables bespoke features such as morphing seats which change to your body shape.

New personalised zones replace the traditional cabin classes in the Airbus Concept Cabin to offer new tailored levels of experience. The “vitalising zone” is all about wellbeing and relaxation allowing you to proactively recharge your batteries with vitamin and antioxidant enriched air, mood lighting, aromatherapy and acupressure treatments whilst taking in the infinite view of the world around you.

There are no limits to the kinds of social scenarios in the centre zone of the concept cabin – the “interactive zone”. The virtual pop up projections in this area can transform you to whichever social scene you want to be in, from holographic gaming to virtual changing rooms for active shoppers.

The “smart tech zone” is tailored towards the more functional oriented passenger with a chameleon style offering, to meet individual needs ranging from a simple to a complete luxury service, but all allowing you to continue life as if on the ground. By offering different levels of experience within each zone, airlines would be able to achieve price differentials and give more people access to the benefits of air travel with minimal environmental impact.

Showcasing the innovative interior design, Charles Champion, Airbus Executive Vice President Engineering, said: “Our research shows that passengers of 2050 will expect a seamless travel experience while also caring for the environment. The Airbus Concept Cabin is designed with that in mind, and shows that the journey can be as much a voyage of discovery as the destination. Whichever flight experience is chosen, the passenger of 2050 will step out of the Airbus Concept Cabin feeling revitalised and enriched.”

More than 90 percent of Airbus’ annual research & development investment of over €2 billion has environmental benefits for current and future aircraft. For example, due to advances in technologies the concept cabin will be 100% recyclable. It will have self-cleaning materials made from sustainable plant fibres which reduce waste and maintenance and will harvest passenger body heat to power cabin features.

Such technologies are already being developed and, while they may not be seen in the exact same manner as in the Airbus Concept Plane and Cabin, some of them could feature in future Airbus aircraft programmes.

Visitors to Le Bourget International Airshow in Paris will also be able to experience the Airbus’ Future of Flight film, a 360 planetarium movie – a vision of the transformations in air transport between now and the middle of the century which not only focuses on aircraft designs and innovations, but also addresses passenger expectations. The movie will be part of the planetarium’s programme at the Musee de l’Air et de l’Espace from 20 – 26 June.

  • claystephens

    Amazing! Book me a flight! Would love to design airplane interiors; have done Yachts but not planes……yet.

  • yuc

    Will there be still enough petrolium by 2050 to do that?

    • kris adams

      There will be but reserved just for the 1% of the worlds population who'll own 99.9% of all the worlds wealth and resources.

      • edward44

        You beat me to it. By 2050 we will have regressed to a feudal society.

  • Sung

    please.. allow Zaha to design this structure.

  • RJC

    what a joke… can you imagine the glare!! or aviators issued to everyone on boarding the plane… totally rediculous. tinted glass perhaps… still stupid concept. we MUST be investing our time and effort in trains and more efficient travel… not super stupid vessels like this. WAKE UP.. what next trips into space, oh wait…..

    • I agree, this is design is neither fuctional nor realistic. But trains are ridiculously old fashioned, they go from trainstation to trainstation. Everybody would like to travel from door to door without any transfers. Just the shortest connection possible. Let's use our current infrastructure of roads and freeways and work on an extremely advanced system where your private vehicle can automatically go from your garage to your destination… With such a system we should not be using any fossil fuel. Let's combine all brainpower together and think about an awesome and healthy future!

    • John

      Oh god bore off.

      Theres plenty of companies doing all those things. Nothing wrong with a few people at airbus dreaming up something different for their industry. Hardly like these are much more than a sketch anyway.

      Yes its a concept – just a bit of imagination. Would love to see how these possibilites could become a reality – the airplane fuselage has remained a similar idea for far too long. Would be great to have a 360 view.

      And RJC just for the record. Its spelt 'ridiculous'. Learning how to spell may make your narrow minded point of view slightly less laughable

      • rjc

        i agree its only a sketch and of course i applaud creativity, i love to see and hear about new innovative and progressive creativity.. and of course i agree a 360 degree view in the sky would be beautiful, im sure the view from a hot air balloon is mind blowing, totally and always..

        BUT… and its a big but, my point was i dont believe we (as a human race/designers/design enthusiasts) should be looking at improving flights like this… we really need to be focused on efficiency and maximizing OUR energy… i don't mean to demean 'creativity' at all but mean to pass my opinion on what i believe.. i.e. we need to focus on efficiency, not flight pleasure for the super rich.

        yeah and thanks for pointing out my spelling, i'm dyslexic… and 'narrow minded', now thats laughable.. design in this realm is about creativity, progression and innovation, but when i believe as a member of the human race its the wrong direction for US then i will bloody well say so.

        good day sir.

  • bill

    It's a strangely old fashioned view of future… reminds me of 1960s Popular Science magazine articles.

  • I'm glad that engineers are at least THINKING about new aircraft designs such as this.

  • PanAm also had plans for flights to the Moon. Look how well that turned out for them…

    But since I'm a UFO buff, I admit I retain a soft spot for this 'pie-in-the-sky' idea :)

  • cacas

    nice sub.

  • felix

    I find it so funny that the people on this forum never tire of reinventing the chair, and as soon as something like this is posted, it takes many of you out of your comfort zone, and all you can do is criticise it based on fuel efficiency and social demographics.

    This is a concept for 40 years in the future. Where have Airbus said they plan to power this with conventional fuels? Go back 40 years and look at how efficient jet engines were then! Massive improvements have been made in the course of the last 10 years alone! Fuel usage per pax per km is in many cases much better than cars, so consider that next time you drive down to the shops to buy some wood to build another pointless chair none of us need!

    And why don't passengers deserve concepts like this to drive cabin interiors forwards? Sure, there's work to be done on optimising the efficiency of the vehicle itself, but show me a passenger that doesn't have something to say about improvements inside the cabin.

    • RJC

      its not about people 'being taken out of your confort zone', and on the contrary if that was aimed at emoi.. but more about the direction of design.. for humans, for us.. if that 'snow blinding' view is more imortant to you than efficiency of travel than thats up to you i guess.. perhaps you want both, i guess whos to say it cant be efficient and beautiful… thats the question ay!!

      agreed. if the genius of this world can create alternative means of powering these beasts then truly fantastic.. and as you say 'look at how efficient jet engines were then, Massive improvements have been made in the course of the last 10 years alone!'.. thats great..

      haha, and for the record I dont have a car nor build chairs..


  • pierre sinsia

    why do the opposite and design a windowless plane except for the pilot…camera showing pictures of the outside instead of using heavy transparent material. have the whole roof screened by a light projector even.