by ShiKai Tseng


Show RCA 2011: Royal College of Art graduate ShiKai Tseng has decorated a range of vases by covering them in photo-sensitive solution then exposing them inside pinhole cameras.

PhotoGraphy by ShiKai Tseng

Left for between five and 15 minutes, the vases are then developed in a darkroom like a normal photograph.

PhotoGraphy by ShiKai Tseng

Each one permanently records imagery from the environment in which it was briefly exposed.

PhotoGraphy by ShiKai Tseng

Anglo-Dutch designers Glithero also use photosensitive chemicals to decorate vases and ceramic tiles - see their work in our earlier stories here, here and here.

PhotoGraphy by ShiKai Tseng

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PhotoGraphy by ShiKai Tseng

Here are some more details from ShiKai Tseng:

PhotoGraphy – no.1

PhotoGraphy project is the creation of a process in which the environment, time and light react to each other and generate images on three-dimensional objects.

PhotoGraphy by ShiKai Tseng

The 1st series is about coating objects with a “light-sensitive” layer, put in a black box with strategically placed pinholes, and exposed for 5 to 50 minutes depending on the brightness of the environment.

PhotoGraphy by ShiKai Tseng

It is a new way to capture a moment in time, no matter whether the image on the object is focused or losing focus.

PhotoGraphy by ShiKai Tseng

The object will carry the trace of its first moments of experience, its first exposure.

PhotoGraphy by ShiKai Tseng

  • bodkin

    That's one of those ideas that are so simple you wish you'd thought of yourself. Would be nice to refine the process to sharpen up the images?

  • Truly top notch. The pottery is elegant and the ghost like images have a beautiful ephemeral quality. Even the pin hole "camera" have a sleek minimalist quality with well thought out detailing.

  • jed

    great process and a beautiful product. well done.

  • xtiaan

    conceptually beautiful, and beautifully excecuted

  • douglas montgomery

    But this is just a vase dipped in photosensitive solution and placed inside a pinhole camera exposed to a chosen visual environment create decoration!


    … only joking