Competition: five sets of Bookman bicycle lights
to be won



Competition: we've teamed up with new Swedish bicycle accessory brand Bookman to give away five sets of their bicycle lights.


The Bookman Light is attached by simply stretching the elastic cord around the handlebars or seat post.


The product has a square plastic case, oversized rubber button and a groove to take the elastic cord.


Each set contains a white front and red rear light, with constant, slow flashing and fast flashing modes.


They come in yellow, green, blue or black.


This competition has now closed.


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Competition closes 20 September 2011. Five winners will be selected at random and notified by email. Winners’ names will be published in a future edition of our Dezeenmail newsletter and at the bottom of this page. Dezeen competitions are international and entries are accepted from readers in any country.


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Here are some more details from Bookman:

Stylish, luminous and pocket-sized. A slim, detachable bike light from Bookman, a Stockholm based company that makes accessories for bikes and people on bikes.

The first collection of colors includes: Lemon Yellow, Goblin Green, Heavenly Blue and Pitch Black.

The design idea was to use the simplest shape possible and let the colors do the talking. We began with a block shape and then added the few necessary functional elements; the curved underside, the oversized rubber button and the groove for attaching the elastic cord.
So here is Bookman Light designed to meet the modern demands of material and energy efficiency, but most importantly to look fabulous on your bike!

Package content:
1 front light (white LED) and 1 tail light (red LED).
3 modes:
Slow flashing, fast flashing and steady light.
2 x CR2032 in each light body.
To change the batteries, loosen the screws on the bottom.

Bookman Light works perfectly in all weather conditions.

Congratulations to the winners! Sophie Wren-Hilton and Michael Hobson in England, Skye Beach in the USA, Tom Robertson in Australia and Bácsalmásy Zoltán in Hungary all won a set of Bookman bicycle lights.

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  • amisal

    clever idea! But maybe a light which works using the wheel is a little better and more ecological

    • comment

      There are dynamo-driven lights including modern variants such as the reelite. But these create resistance for the cyclist.
      These lights aren't particularly new in terms of how they mount but they are pleasantly simple. And the idea behind these sort of lights is that they are quick to mount and dismount (useful if you want to remove your lights when parking your bike in a public place to avoid having them stolen).

      • mirko

        well.. I don't think to light up an LED you need much energy (= resistance).
        it's not like in the good old time anymore..
        an LED dynamo light shouldn't slow you down perceptibly!
        anyway: these light are a simple solution for a common problem.
        no excuse anymore to risk your life (and the one of others)!

  • I'm a bicyclist, and I would REALLY like to have a couple of these!

  • Toby

    It's going to be hard to beat the KNOG light.

  • catbird

    elegant and useful. great design!

  • Gisela

    Beautiful! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  • PiersUK

    nice design clever and elegant

  • Dansercoer

    I assume these LEDs are strong enough for cyclists to BE seen, but do they generate enough light for cyclists to see themselves? Or is it intended for urban (lit) settings?

  • Great lights, I cross my fingers

  • Samuel Koh

    tres awesome idea! :D

  • They looks so cute! just remind of Lego.

  • Agi

    Cool! I keep my fingers crossed :-)

  • Frédérique

    Simple, useful and elegant it’s all we need in design ;-)just what I love ;P

  • bring light in my riding nights!

  • Plamen

    I have a bicycle light with three LED lights and they are still not enough in the dark, so these that have only one light are not going to be very useful. I do like their minimalistic forms.

  • I ride my bike every day .!!! I the light I use I hang around my neck … The reflectors that come with bikes always break off so I would LOVE a couple of these light !!!
    If I don't win how can I buy them ?

  • Mrrrr

    Simple design but the whole concept of the LED light and elastics to attach them to your bike is not new at all. They sell similar (only different cover) for years already in the Netherlands in every bikeshop, supermarket and hardwarestore. A set of lights cost about 5 euro.

  • Dimigava

    Not even the design, especially the materials. Plastic is too slippery for smooth surfaces, but the rubber could change if you used the gum without winding. But you didn’t, so your light will slide down every time you get the bump in the road, or make some noises. I like to ride hard in the forest on a road bike or fixie, so I can tell you that this light would not stay nice, sorry but it’s useless.