Duo by Oscar Diaz for Doiy


Duo by Oscar Diaz for Doiy

London designer Oscar Diaz will present a two-in-one candle holder at Maison&Objet in Paris this weekend.

Duo by Oscar Diaz for Doiy

It has a funnel to hold a tea light on one side and supports a tall candle when inverted.

Duo by Oscar Diaz for Doiy

Called Duo, the silicone product for Spanish brand Doiy is easy to clean because wax doesn't stich to the flexible surface.

Duo by Oscar Diaz for Doiy

Oscar Diaz will exhibit a silicone pen pot for the same company during the London Design Festival later this month.

Duo by Oscar Diaz for Doiy

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Duo by Oscar Diaz for Doiy

The following information is from Diaz:

Duo is a candleholder that can be used with the two more common household candles. One side holds the traditional candlestick, and in the other the standard tea light.

The ribs in the candlestick side allow fitting for slightly different diameters of candles. The translucent silicone diffuses the light of the tea light, adding a soft warm glow to the dinner table. A small handle help to move the candle around safely once it has been lit. The wax can easily be removed from the surface of the candleholder as it doesn't stick to the silicone material.

Duo will be presented as part of the new Doiy collection this week at 'Maison et Objet' in Paris (Sept. 9-13, 2011 ), Manta Design booth Hall6 StandJ66 K59.

Materials: silicone
Dimensions: 88 x 75 mm diametre

  • xtiaan

    well at least they dont have nipples….

  • bodkin

    it looks a bit cheap, i don't think i'd want it on my table at a dinner party

    • Andrew

      bodkin you haven't forgot what Oscar said to you ehh?? take it in small bits..if is easier to digest…