Today at Dezeen Platform: Mirna Kerr


Today at Dezeen Platform: Mirna Kerr

Dezeen Platform: young Croatian designer Mirna Kerr presents her jewellery made of bulldog clips, cable ties and plumbing components at Dezeen Platform at Dezeen Space today. Watch a movie about this project here.

Mirna Kerr

"My view of jewelery is that it's not necessary for it to be solely pretty and expensive, but rather something that lifts the spirit," says Kerr. "For this purpose the material is insignificant."

Mirna Kerr

Each day, for 30 days, a different designer will use a one metre by one metre space to exhibit their work at Dezeen Space. See the full lineup for Dezeen Platform here and see all our stories about the work on show here.

Today at Dezeen Platform: Mirna Kerr

More about Dezeen Space here and more about the London Design festival here.

Mirna Kerr

Dezeen Space
17 September - 16 October
Monday-Saturday 11am-7pm
Sunday 11am-5pm

54 Rivington Street,
London EC2A 3QN

  • Kaptnkrunch

    sorry, but that just looks like stuff I make when I get bored in the office.

  • Riley

    Aside from the abominable photography/styling, the last one is surprisingly elegant. The bulldog clips…not so much. I like the rationale and overall and hope she continues to dig deeper into that idea.

  • The second necklace looks extremely uncomfortable. But I do applaud the search of innovative use of everyday objects.

  • D_P

    interesting thought, though i think the bulldog clip pieces would have been better with a smaller size or some color variation, like

  • Congratulations Mirna!