Aesop at I.T Hysan One by Cheungvogl


Aesop at I.T HYSAN ONE by cheungvogl

Translucent boxes propped up on a forest of steel rods display products by skincare brand Aesop at a Hong Kong fashion store.

Aesop at I.T HYSAN ONE by cheungvogl

Designed by architects Cheungvogl, the monochrome display at I.T Hysan One was inspired by a black and white photograph of floating lanterns.

Aesop at I.T HYSAN ONE by cheungvogl

The supporting rods become taller towards the back, so the 800 resin boxes appear to be stacked into a tower.

Australian brand Aesop are renowned for creating unusual displays for their products - see more of their stores here.

Here's some more information from Aesop:

Aesop I.T Installation, Hong Kong by cheungvogl

Aesop has created an installation in Hong Kong's I.T HYSAN ONE flagship store that builds on our reputation for architecturally remarkable retail spaces.

Aesop at I.T HYSAN ONE by cheungvogl

The installation also operates as a counter. Aesop consultants present selections from our range of exceptional skin, hair and body care.

Aesop at I.T HYSAN ONE by cheungvogl

Cheungvogl architects, inspired by a black and white image of hundreds of floating lanterns, have imbued the I.T HYSAN ONE exhibition space with a similar delicate luminosity.

Aesop at I.T HYSAN ONE by cheungvogl

Eight hundred resin boxes are arranged atop steel rods of varying lengths, creating the sense that each box is ascending at its own pace, as if being drawn upward by an invisible thread. Some boxes hold Aesop formulations while others are designed to reward visitors' curiosity through unexpected sound, scent and touch.

Aesop at I.T HYSAN ONE by cheungvogl

At the end of its two-week tenure the Aesop installation will be deconstructed and re-formed as a permanent counter on the first floor of I.T HYSAN ONE.

Aesop at I.T HYSAN ONE by cheungvogl

Aesop and I.T share an acute sensibility; we are focused on the highest standards of quality and creativity. We also have a common desire to explore how our respective products function within the intelligent and restrained application of design.

Aesop at I.T HYSAN ONE by cheungvogl

This installation marks the beginning of what is certain to be a long, exciting and creatively inspiring collaboration.

  • nofelix

    These are beautiful photos. But this is a design blog, and it'd be good to see the installation in its context rather than all these close up atmospheric shots which reveal almost nothing. Yes, it's boxes on stilts, I can see that. I actually clicked on this article to see how the dark shadow at the top of the first image was achieved; now I can see it's just a gradient added on Photoshop. How dishonest.

  • Di Raq

    Very metaphoric – a fairy tale forest with all your desires and wishes growing on trees. A very beautiful translation of beauty.

  • chelsea

    Beautiful art installation!

  • sirion

    i think to have come across some high quality designs from hong kong on dezeen recently. "beautiful" didn't use to be a term associated with hong kong design in the past. sure, one of the projects was a heatherwick's, but still locals must appreciate good design or why would clients pay for it? that said, i have to add: beautiful!

  • Lars

    Tactile, sensible, fargile, beautiful.

  • Royce

    Finally these guys are building something not just whimsical renderings. The work here is pretty ordinary though..nothing so sublime or even beautiful

  • Meredith Brown

    I admire Aesop's design philosophy.

  • RLee80

    very metaphorical and sensitive, especially for hk. caught my eyes and my heart!