A-Frame by Ron Arad
for pq

A-Frame by Ron Arad for pq

London designer Ron Arad has created a range of sunglasses and spectacle frames that can be adjusted to fit any face by sliding the lenses along an A-shaped wire over the nose.

A-Frame by Ron Arad for pq

The same wire forms a hinge mechanism that automatically closes the arms when the glasses are taken off.

A-Frame by Ron Arad for pq

Each design in the collection is named after a different London Underground station.

A-Frame by Ron Arad for pq

These are the first in a series of frames by Arad for new eyewear brand pq.

A-Frame by Ron Arad for pq

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A-Frame by Ron Arad for pq

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A-Frame by Ron Arad for pq

The details below are from pq:

With frames designed by the artist, architect, thinker, designer and teacher Ron Arad, pq is here to bring something new to the world of glasses.

A-Frame by Ron Arad for pq

New ideas are important. Most trousers look like trousers, most sweaters look like sweaters, most glasses look like glasses, but there is room for something new as well. That’s what pq is here to bring.

A-Frame by Ron Arad for pq

Individuality is a big part of pq. Not only frames that are a little bit different but frames that can make you a little bit different too.

A-Frame by Ron Arad for pq

Quality is another big part. It’s one thing to make prototypes that are enjoyable for days and another thing to make real frames that are reliable for years.

A-Frame by Ron Arad for pq

pq is about being a little playful too. pq has some serious frames and is serious about its frames but is not a fully signed-up member of the serious club. It plays a little on the outside.

A-Frame by Ron Arad for pq

Take the name for example. The brand is called pq because p and q are very good friends, nestled next to each other in the middle of a hostile alphabet, the mirror of each other, meaning nothing, and importantly meaning nothing in Japanese. pq stands for nothing but the shape of a pair glasses.

A-Frame by Ron Arad for pq

Afraid of “boredom, fundamentalists and philistines,” Arad has spent a career creating studio pieces and buildings that are innovative and uncompromised.

A-Frame by Ron Arad for pq

He sees pq as an opportunity to develop a product that, for the first time, will take his unique approach to design and “rest it on the ears and noses of a great many people.”

A-Frame by Ron Arad for pq


In pursuit of coming up with a pair of frames to fit any face, we created the A-Frame. It’s a simple name for new kind of glasses idea that puts an A-shaped wire structure into the middle of the frame. The A in the bridge can be easily adjusted, to move the two lenses and frames closer or further apart.

A-Frame by Ron Arad for pq

To explain the nuts and bolts of the A-Frame; quite simply there aren’t any...

A-Frame by Ron Arad for pq

The wire that forms the A also forms the invisible sprung hinges. The magic really happens when you take the glasses off; they close effortlessly.

A-Frame by Ron Arad for pq

The A-Frame is constructed from the following materials: titanium, known for its durable, corrosion resistant and hypoallergenic properties; aluminium which is both light weight and corrosion resistant; acetate for colour fastness and comfort; corrosion resistant steel and the alloy, Monel.

A-Frame by Ron Arad for pq

  • Paul

    I wouldn't wear them.

  • lesh

    Why do designers have to create non existing problems? The only charming element is the naming process.

    • abc

      We don’t want you to.

  • AliBlal

    Solving a problem that really does not exist. I have never found my nose to be too big or too small for a pair of glasses. The current system works very well.

  • jabba the hut

    These glasses are super nice, well refined, innovative and awesome. More please.

  • Megalomania

    Does the A refer to the the designer’s name?

  • please stop raining


    Frames need to fit the face; as everyone’s nose, distance between eyes etc. are different.

    Minutely different but different; therefore at optometrist they measure these with a tool, rather than giving you a pair off the shelf.

    So there is a problem–and a clever and cool solution.

  • dick c

    Nice! People that don't see a need probably have very average heads.

  • Gabriele

    Pictures with faces, please!

  • Interesting designs, but without seeing them on a human face (particularly the first 3 pairs) it’s difficult to know if these eyeglasses would be flattering or not.

  • Fenian Loupe

    Yet another designer-led product. Would these glasses survive without name backing? Was style over substance the brief. If only designers were not so vain and designed meaningful products…

  • SMC

    This Califorian wants to know where I can buy the stylish cat or heart glasses.