Big Ben by
Marcel Wanders


London Design Festival: Dutch designer Marcel Wanders spoke to Dezeen about a new clock inspired by a London landmark earlier today at the Moooi showroom in west London (+ audio + movie).

Big Ben is a giant decorative wall clock based on the ornate clock face of the famous landmark, which was recently renamed the Elizabeth Tower.

Big Ben by Marcel Wanders

"Clocks are by now probably the most non-functional object," said Wanders, suggesting how easy it is to find out the time from our phones, watches and computer screens.

Big Ben by Marcel Wanders

"Because [the clock] doesn't have any function anymore, it has a very decorative aspect," he told Dezeen.

Big Ben by Marcel Wanders

Big Ben is on show alongside other work by Moooi and pieces by Studio Job and Stefano Giovannoni in the Moooi showroom in west London – see the map below for details.

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Movie: Big Ben by Marcel Wanders

Dezeen's London Design Festival map


The map above is taken from Dezeen’s guide to the London Design Festival, which lists all the events going on across the city this week. We’ll be updating it over the coming days with extra information on our highlights so keep checking back. Explore the larger version of this map here.

  • tommaso

    Less narcissism more design, please.

  • Any one have an idea of a price for this clock? Just had a look on the Moooi site and they don’t list any prices – which I’m guessing means I’d need to sell a kidney or two? I’ve been looking for a giant clock for a while and I love the hands on this one – although not so keen on the frame. It would be great to just have the hands on the wall.

  • Mario

    Can’t agree. But it would have been more interesting if it was just an itty-bitty tiny little wall clock. That would have made the idea of the clock as an expiring ‘thing’ more clear.

  • ania

    Love the colour of his lipstick.

  • csparrott

    Why even bother wearing a shirt?

  • Mario

    If you have nothing to say, then don't!

  • dezeen_intense

    Hi Zazous,

    I've been told that the price is £4965 inc VAT.


  • quinn

    Moooi minus one "o" = 'beautiful" in Dutch, and that is all that Moooi products are, at most (and in this case, not so much). So poorly made it is robbery that they cost so much.