Water Discus underwater hotel
by Deep Ocean Technology


The world's largest underwater hotel is being planned for Dubai, with rooms both on the seabed and on stilts above the surface (+ slideshow).

World's largest underwater hotel planned for Dubai

The Water Discus hotel has been designed by Polish company Deep Ocean Technology (DOT), whose other ventures include designing underwater vehicles and equipment for seabed exploration.

World's largest underwater hotel planned for Dubai

The hotel will be made up of two main discs, one above the water and one below the surface, connected by five columns and a vertical shaft for the stairs and lift. Smaller circular volumes above the surface will contain additional facilities, with a helicopter landing pad mounted on one.

World's largest underwater hotel planned for Dubai

The lower disc will comprise 21 hotel rooms with underwater views, an underwater diving centre and a bar. Each of the surrounding discs will be able to detach from the main upper disc to be used as a buoyant life raft in case of emergency or flooding.

World's largest underwater hotel planned for Dubai

The diving centre will be accessed through an underwater airlock, leading divers straight into the ocean. There'll also be a decompression chamber for training purposes, DOT explains, while guests will also be able to take a course in piloting an underwater vehicle.

World's largest underwater hotel planned for Dubai

The modular construction of the hotel will enable it to be expanded or even moved to a new location, according to DOT.

World's largest underwater hotel planned for Dubai

The Water Discus won't be the world's first underwater hotel – there is already one in the Maldives and another in Florida. However, it will be the world's largest and the first to be built in Dubai.

World's largest underwater hotel planned for Dubai

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World's largest underwater hotel planned for Dubai

Two of the ten tallest skyscrapers set for completion in 2013 are located in Dubai – the 355-metre-high JW Marriott Marquis Hotel and the 328-metre-high Al Yaqoub Tower.

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Images are by Deep Ocean Technology.

  • Graham

    "No Mr Bond… I expect you to die!"

  • They’ll need to do a hell of a job with the marine life to make it worthwhile looking under water. The coast off Dubai was not an interesting place to explore before the reclaimed islands messed with the tides.

  • ArchiChina

    So ugly!

  • bonsaiman

    Is it me or is the main reference in architecture today the Epcot Center?

  • Lara

    Seeing something like this makes me sick! It is embarrassing that Dezeen supports something like this. I truly consider not following Dezeen any longer.

    • MAv

      Cry baby!

  • TD Smithe

    The American Apparel advert to the left is far more interesting.

  • Stuart

    Don’t think the reef would look like that after a few years of construction.

  • Stephany

    Looks like Kamino from Star Wars, or maybe a secret base for the Thunderbirds. Was it designed by Jacque Fresco?

  • blah

    Ugh, Dubai. It’s like bad taste on steroids.

    • Hayden

      Yeah, but the world needs more novelty.

      • blah

        Hey, I’m all for novelty. Novelty can still be well designed and not look like something from a 1950s space pulp novel.

        • blah

          For example?

  • Jane, His Wife

    It's The Jetsons meets Star Trek – and not in a good way.

  • Mawdster

    It’s the main saucer section of the Enterprise many times over. It even has a warp-core!

  • alex

    Dubai destroyed its reefs when it built those awful islands. The amount of marine life in those renderings is very ambitious.

  • trunmaster

    Have they not seen Jaws 3?

  • china-export

    Destroying a great beach with this pile of junk. Money can’t replace signification and human sense.

  • mycontainedlife

    I absolutely think this is a genius idea. I’d love to be in on the blueprint, engineering, and architectural design, seeing the details on the mould-proofing, long-lasting, long-standing sciences behind the materials they will be using for this type of phenomenal build! Excellent!

  • Tan

    I used to live in Dubai. You’re lucky if you ever see one fish off any of those beaches! The marine life has been totally destroyed by their dumping of raw sewage just off the beach, the massive dredging and the rubbish that floats around. That’ll be a nice view from your underwater hotel room.

    It’s the usual pissing contest for Dubai; can’t offer anything else to the world except for the biggest and the tallest of ridiculous architecture built by slave labour and greedy people. Heard of Atlantis?

  • amsam

    What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

  • chunkbutler

    The human race is finished. Let’s all pretend we can just keep growing, expanding and let the next generation carry the baton onwards and upwards, no limits! Humans are the “nanobots” that are turning everything into grey goo.

  • This is what you get when engineers and machinery designers try to design hotels.
    An example of a much more engaging and exciting project involving water and designers is the Croatian Floating Pavilion from the 2010 Venice Biennale http://architectuul.com/architecture/croatian-flo

  • Sounds good, so luxurious! This place looks great: interesting atmosphere and very entertaining. I have never seen an underwater hotel before.

  • rachel d

    I’m sorry but this is ridiculous. Waste of money and resources.

  • djnn24

    Only in Dubai…

  • Cobalt Chaos

    Who built it?

  • saeed

    Would you please help me about this problem? I need the details of doors, windows, panels, roofs, floors, ceilings, glasses etc. Please guide me about enforcing such underwater structures and give me some information.