OOO Lamp by
Vasiliy Butenko


OOO Lamp by Vasiliy Butenko

This yellow lamp by Ukraine designer Vasiliy Butenko can be adjusted in any direction by rotating the flat, pivoting disc that forms its shade.

OOO Lamp by Vasiliy Butenko

An LED bulb is sandwiched between two circular steel sheets of the OOO Lamp, both one millimetre thick but with different diameters, while a third thicker sheet acts as a base to provide stability.

OOO Lamp by Vasiliy Butenko

Two powerful magnets create a rotating joint where the plates meet a tubular stem so the light can be pointed in the desired direction.

OOO Lamp by Vasiliy Butenko

The working prototype has been designed to work as a decorative piece when the discs sit upright, as a night light when they're horizontal or for reading and writing when positioned at an angle.

OOO Lamp by Vasiliy Butenko

Butenko has also created pendant lamps by coiling rope around plastic bottles and covered the interior of a Kiev bar with sticks.

OOO Lamp by Vasiliy Butenko

Recent lamps we've featured include one that looks like a paperclip and another that's dimmed using a rotating wing.

OOO Lamp by Vasiliy Butenko

Photographs are by the designer.

OOO Lamp by Vasiliy Butenko

Above: a section drawing through the lamp

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  • Croissant Terrible

    It's like Giulio Iacchetti's Magneto lamp for Foscarini!

    • John

      I don’t necessarily see a strong resemblance with the lamp you mention. However it does strongly resemble George Nelson’s Half Nelson table lamp.

  • Peter Scorer

    I thought it was a reflector lamp. Apparently it’s not.

  • Luke

    How well does this work as a luminaire? How well is glare controlled? What is the colour temperature and lumen output of the lamp?

    It is perhaps telling that almost all the images show the product switched off. Come on Dezeen, consider more than appearance.

  • gason

    Come on!

  • ffm

    @Croissant Terrible: What are you talking about?