Concept car by Ross Lovegrove
for Renault


Milan 2013: British designer Ross Lovegrove will unveil a concept car he has designed for French car manufacturer Renault in Milan next month (+ movie).

Concept car by Ross Lovegrove for Renault

"[Our] intention is to reveal nature's underlying blueprints and transfer them into a new design language," says Lovegrove.

Concept car by Ross Lovegrove for Renault

"These methods are process-driven and aim to explore tessellation, performative surfaces, lightweight structures and new material behaviours rather than the literal translation of appearances found in nature into visual design," he adds.

Concept car by Ross Lovegrove for Renault

The car will be on display from 9 to 14 April 2013 at the Triennale di Milano exhibition.

Concept car by Ross Lovegrove for Renault

Ross Lovegrove presented another futuristic car concept at Biennale Interieur last year, and has also suspended a silver spaceship from the rafters of Lille railway station.

Concept car by Ross Lovegrove for Renault

A concept vehicle without a windshield and a fuel-efficient 3D-printed car are the latest stories about cars we've covered recently.

Concept car by Ross Lovegrove for Renault

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  • John

    Looks like he took a regular car and threw a bunch of scripting patterns on it. Concept car, it is not.

    • Emma

      Watch the video again and see if you spot the clue?

  • RJC

    Very excited about this!

  • bonsaiman

    In the future all cars will look like Xmas trees.

  • KXdes

    Wheels look like this:
    Otherwise nice details.

  • Dan Leno

    Aren’t we done with cars?

  • bob

    Interesting how they won’t show an overall view of the car – it is because every architect/Veblen designer that tries fails.

    • Douglas

      Er, the clue is in the word unveiling? The secrecy is standard practice so your suspicions are based on ignorance and not reading the article properly.

      So much bitching on Dezeen from embittered failed CAD jockeys.

      • bob

        I understood the article just fine – you are the ignorant one. Ever seen teasers of cars before they are unveiled? They often show a silhouette – not hi res photos/renderings of the details, especially headlight, taillight and wheel embellishments – students draw that stuff up all day that looks better.

        Er… wait for the unveil – I bet you it won’t unFAIL. Not a bitter CAD jockey either – I have designed concept cars for Japanese and German manufacturers.

  • MGabriel

    But it’s still a Renault so will fall apart within weeks. The lights will fail, the brakes shoddy. Let’s face it – Renault are bad car makers.

  • Marrkit

    So this car will be about giving meaning to aesthetics. What problems will this design actually solve? Will it offer any solutions that are actually useful to the consumer? I’m not sure car manufacturers have yet discovered a progressive design narrative, maybe because car design remains too self-absorbed in its sculptural excellence. Should the fact that Narcissus died because he couldn’t stop looking at himself be a word of warning?

    • bob

      I think it certainly is a challenge for automobile manufacturers to find a progressive narrative – it certainly seems to be a castle built on a benchmarking culture. Some concepts attempt this breakthrough narrative, but they often are criticised when they veer too far from what everyone has come to accept.

      I have a five dollar bet that this car will be as fugly as Karim Rashid’s, Zaha Hadid’s, and every other farchitect’s attempt at a car. The lack of a ghost silhouette in the teasers is the first sign.

    • Concerned Citizen

      Sculptural excellence? Such excellence is certainly lacking in common market cars. In fact, the design of almost all affordable cars has been on a steep decline for 60 years. One wonders if it will ever reach the bottom.

  • Zeeman

    I’m a bitter and failed CAD jockey. Sad.

  • wayhay

    “[Our] intention is to reveal nature’s underlying blueprints and transfer them into a new design language”
    20 years of intention – keep going Ross, and let’s hope this one doesn’t contribute to killing off the nature that’s so inspiring.