Infobar A02 by Naoto Fukasawa
for KDDI


Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa appeared in our latest movie filmed as part of Dezeen and MINI World Tour discussing the minimal design and intuitive interface of this mobile phone created for Japanese company KDDI (+ movies).

Infobar A02 by Naoto Fukusawa for au

The Infobar A02 is the latest Infobar handset created by Fukasawa for KDDI's design series au.

Infobar A02 by Naoto Fukusawa for au

Fukasawa, who is also known for his work with Japanese brand MUJI, collaborated with interface designer Yugo Nakamura to design the handset and its interface.

Infobar A02 by Naoto Fukusawa for au

The user interface is iida 2.0, a version of Android that allows users to customise their home screen with their favourite content.

Infobar A02 by Naoto Fukusawa for au

Like Windows Phone 8, iida is based on a scrolling screen of variously sized tiles which can be dragged and arranged as the user desires.

"The movement or manipulation is very intuitive," he explains in the movie (above). "So people don't need to read any kind of manual or anything – you intuitively understand."

Infobar A02 by Naoto Fukusawa for au

The phone's sounds were created by Japanese pop star Cornelius.

Infobar A02 by Naoto Fukusawa for au
The Infobar A02 launches next month and comes in three colour options: grey, blue and a combination of red, white and lilac inspired by Japanese koi carp.

Above: movie demonstrating user interface

Other Infobar handsets include the C01 model, which features buttons in different colours, and the Infobar 2, an early concept for the phone designed in 2007.

Infobar A02 by Naoto Fukusawa for au
Infobar C01

Recent work by Fukasawa we've published includes a set of minimal dials to monitor air temperature, pressure and humidity and a wooden stool with a steel footrest – see all design by Naoto Fukasawa.

Infobar2 by Naoto Fukasawa

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  • iag

    Will this be available in the UK?

    • Abdul B

      No it won’t, only Japan but you can try to buy it online, but I doubt it will work in the UK. Au KDDI uses CDMA unlike docomo or Softbank that use GSM like the rest of the world.