GIGS.2.GO by
Bolt Group


Each tab on this credit card-sized pack by American designers Bolt Group can be torn off and used as a USB stick.

GIGS.2.GO by Bolt Group

The GIGS.2.GO pack by Bolt Group is made of recycled paper pulp and contains four tear-off tabs with a USB flash drive in each.

The concept was inspired by Bolt Group designers frequently having problems sharing presentation and CAD files with clients.

GIGS.2.GO by Bolt Group

"Burning CDs is slow and impractical, and nobody wants to leave behind their trusty—and expensive—32GB thumb drive. We saw a need for a smaller pack of drives that could be shared and even left behind with a client," said designer Kurt Rampton.

Though the drives are designed to last for many uses, the paper and electronic components can eventually be separated and recycled.

GIGS.2.GO by Bolt Group

Other USB sticks we've featured include a Nendo design concealed as a paper clip and a collection of jewellery that conceals USB drives.

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  • A.Frid


  • Dan Leno

    Needs a better typeface.

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  • At first I thought it was a needless excuse for a product.

    But pondering on the rationale behind it – and my own experiences when the need arises to share files with a client – I now think this might be a rather good idea.

  • Tittly

    How many GB's are each stick?

  • RAS

    Hmm, easy to break if you do it wrong.

  • Adrian

    I think this is a really good idea and I can imagine myself using these all the time – but perhaps this is just adding to our disposable society?

    @ RAS – that could probably be solved with better perforations?

  • Omri

    Just what the world needs – more disposable, one-use garbage. Send it by mail.