Soe cups by
Hanna Kruse


These tiny cups by German designer Hanna Kruse are topped with geometric wire grates to support and show off small objects like jewellery, flower heads or leaves.

Soe Cups by Hanna Kruse

Hanna Kruse was influenced by Ikebana, the traditional Japanese art of flower arrangement, when designing the little ceramic vessels.

Soe Cups by Hanna Kruse

She manipulated copper and steel wire into geometric patterns to form the tops, which can be opened by twisting them to the side.

Soe Cups by Hanna Kruse

Soe cups were presented as part of the Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach exhibit at MOST in Milan last month. See all our stories about Milan 2013 »

Soe Cups by Hanna Kruse

Earlier this year we featured a series of ceramic vases based on Ikebana with tops that loop over the flowers to frame them. 

Soe Cups by Hanna Kruse

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  • Harpreet

    Would have been nice to see a few arrangements by the designer – the flower heads and jewellery especially. How tiny exactly are these? There’s just that little plant to suggest scale.

    • Tusa

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