Kim Jong-un selects architect
for Pyongyang airport upgrade


News: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has revealed his architectural taste by inviting a Hong Kong firm to design a new airport for Pyongyang.

PLT Planning and Architecture has been asked to submit proposals for an upgrade to the Pyongyang Sunan International Airport in the North Korean capital, according to the South China Morning Post.

North Korean leader favours Hong Kong architect for airport redesigns
Main image and above: Kim Jong-un is said to have been impressed by PTA's proposal for Wonsan airport

"We were approached by a potential investor who is very close to the North Korean government," Otto Cheng Ping-lun of PLT Planning and Architecture told the Chinese newspaper.

The architect, whose firm specialises in large commercial and infrastructure projects, said the Korean leader saw his firm's drum-inspired designs for the conversion of an abandoned military airport in Wonsan, a city of North Korean's eastern coast.

"We were told that Kim [Jong-un] was happy with our design. However, Kim said the airport in the capital should not look worse than the one in the economic zone. That's why we were also asked to upgrade the airport in Pyongyang."

North Korean leader favours Hong Kong architect for airport redesigns
The Wonsan designs feature glazed facades with branching columns and central courtyards

Plans for the airport conversion in Wonsan, revealed in North Korea News last month, show two 3345 square-metre donut-shaped terminals - one international and one domestic.

PLT Planning and Architecture says the shape of the buildings was based on drums used in traditional Korean dances, with glazed facades criss-crossed by branching columns and courtyard gardens at their centres.

North Korean leader favours Hong Kong architect for airport redesigns
Wonsan proposal: first floor/departures

Each will be able to accommodate six planes and the designs also propose a 3500-metre civilian runway, a kilometre longer than the existing army airforce landing strip.

The $200m international airport is designed to cater for around a million passengers every year and will serve the Kangwon Province near Mount Kamgang Tourism Zone, where South Korean tourists have been able to visit since 2002.

North Korean leader favours Hong Kong architect for airport redesigns
Wonsan proposal: ground floor/arrivals

North Korea's notorious Ryugyong Hotel, nicknamed the Hotel of Doom, is due for completion this year - 24 years behind schedule.

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  • Kris

    I guess feeding the population isn’t a priority… Oh well, I’m sure the duty free will be desirable.

    • Fidel

      Should we say no to museums in America because they enslaved people, or no stadiums in Germany because of their past? That;s in north koreas past.

      Obviously, they’re trying to change the public image of their nation and possibly start international trade, which would boost their economy so their people wouldn’t have to starve to death.

      • Aaron

        You mentioned things from the past of Germany and the US; starvation is very much still happening in North Korea.

      • Allan

        …boost their economy so their leaders would buy a hundred Porches (for themselves).

    • MAnderson

      Oh shut up you racist ninny.

  • Harry

    Kill it before it lays eggs.

  • ponss

    Surprised he didn’t “design it himself”, the dearest leader. But I must say it’s not bad.

  • Eric

    Wow, the biggest airport in the country and only six gates. Speaks volumes.

    • I think it's 6 per terminal and 2 terminals

    • amsam

      Looks like 12 gates, but your point is taken.

    • aye aye

      I see 12, but hey.

  • What does Pyongyang see? Four, maybe six flights a month?

  • The number of flights planned for the future must be very low. It’s tiny by international standards.

  • The funny part in these comments is the political ignorance used to try to justify some pseudo arguments. Learning about North Korea is key to understanding what the country is, is doing and where it’s going.

    I guess some opinions above are relayed thanks to propaganda from CNN and the likes. That’s the problem with the ordinary America population, sounds like folks don’t want to discover things on their own until they are told.

    The point of museums in the US and stadiums in Germany was brilliant, it’s important to stop people in the middle of their nonsensical theories based on misinformation.

    If North Koreans are “starving” as stipulated, how come the US is turning into a food bank/food stamps nation? Isn’t that a sign of poverty and mass starvation? Oh wait, there are more McDonalds than public toilets in the US. Oh well.

    I think this is a great piece of work, people are just brainwashed to believe North Korea is a closed and backward nation while they have some of the best infrastructure in the world and they owe nothing to Western bankers killing Western economies one by one.