Bumper Bed by Marc Newson
for Domeau & Pérès


Product news: Australian designer Marc Newson has surrounded this bed for French brand Domeau & Pérès with chunky bumpers.

Bumper Bed by Marc Newson

Marc Newson enclosed the Bumper Bed within padded leather cushions to evoke the sense of sleeping on a mattress laid directly on the ground.

"Most people I know have at some point in their lives slept on a mattress on the floor," said Newson. "So I thought it would be nice to design a bed that would [encourage] people like me to replace their faithful mattress with a 'beautiful bed'."

Bumper Bed by Marc Newson

One lip sits flush with the mattress and a second wraps around the bed at floor level, with an orange leather strip running between the two.

The sides are deep enough to be used as seats and can be ordered from Domeau & Pérès in white, dove (pictured) or chocolate colours.

Bumper Bed by Marc Newson

Marc Newson recently teamed up with Apple senior vide president of design Jonathan Ive to design a range of products to auction for U2 frontman Bono's charity (RED).

More beds on Dezeen include one that curls round on itself and another designed to cure insomnia.

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  • George

    Looking at the stitches, I’d say this bed costs a fortune!

  • Aaron

    All those people with mattresses on the floor finally have no reason not to have a decent bed! If only Marc would design a decent carafe he could save all those people who die each year from dehydration.

  • doodle

    Designed by someone who rarely makes the bed I’d say.

  • Tanuki

    Hello 1970!

  • Caressa Givens

    Nobody ever really wants to sleep on the ground. Most people simply cannot afford a bed frame. By the looks of it, sleeping on the floor in this is a luxury most cannot afford. Keebler called, they want the giant cookie back!

  • brih

    At least I wouldn’t keep stubbing my toes on the corners, apart from that it is very similar to my wooden IKEA one!

  • Linca

    These junctions are terrible! It might look better in plastic or wood then leather.

  • Mine

    People who could afford this bed probably have one or more housekeepers. So making a bed is not rich folks’ problem. Too BED.

  • manolo

    Pumping up an inflatable rubber boat and putting a mattress in it would have the same effect, come way cheaper and be more original. The design reminds me of the ‘jet’ beds from the early seventies. Just the built in alarm radio is missing. Nothing new.