MRQT Boutique
by ROK


A textured wall of 22,000 wooden sticks has been installed in this Stuttgart boutique by Swiss architecture firm ROK (+ slideshow).

dezeen_MRQT Boutique by ROK_1

The minimal interior by Rippmann Oesterle Knauss (ROK) for menswear store MRQT features white walls and a concrete floor to contrast with the wall of wooden rods.

dezeen_MRQT Boutique by ROK_2

Extending in various directions and to different lengths, the beech wood sticks create the illusion of a single flowing form.

dezeen_MRQT Boutique by ROK_6

CNC-drilled holes define the direction of each stick.

dezeen_MRQT Boutique by ROK_9

A range of menswear is hung on metal rails against the backdrop of the textured wall, which references moving fabric. "The installation refers to the flowing forms and delicate texture of textiles and cloth," said the architects.

dezeen_MRQT Boutique by ROK_3

A full-height mirror lit from behind hangs in the centre of the feature wall.

dezeen_MRQT Boutique by ROK_10

Display stands and shelving are all made from the same beech wood as the sticks.

Other shop interiors featured on Dezeen include a shoe store furnished with wooden pallets, ropes and tyres and Zaha Hadid's Milanese shoe boutique for footwear designer Stuart Weitzman.

MRQT Boutique by ROK
Section (click for larger image)

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MRQT Boutique by ROK
Plan (click for larger image)

Photography is by Daniel Stauch.

  • Concerned Citizen

    They appear to be dowels, rather than sticks.

  • Cleaner

    Good luck with wiping the dust and cobwebs out of it…

    • can be cleaned

      You can clean using an air canister to spray the dust off.

  • Fed Fef

    A) how are you supposed to clean?
    B) how did sticks sticking out the wall at eye level pass health and safety regulations?!
    C) enough with wood waste, for heaven’s sake

    • David

      A) That’s not a hospital, right? Use air spray twice a year and you are done.
      B) It seems that there are no “hazardous” sticks on eye level. Check the lengths variation over the height of the wall. By the way “Safety regulations” in a fashion boutique in Europe?
      C) Are you kidding? That’s beech wood! Super sustainable! It’s intensely used as firewood. Would be a pity to burn this one though.

  • Surely…dusting would be a problem here.

  • Ben

    What a hairy beauty! Outstanding interior project. Fresh, clean, appropriate design! Congrats!

  • demodickie

    This makes me want to snap one of those sticks off the wall and then find a bunch of people with OCD to render them catatonic trying to find it.