Cafe Ki
by id


Table legs extend up to look like tree trunks and branches at this cafe in Tokyo by Japanese studio id (+ slideshow).

Cafe Ki by id

The interior, graphics and products were designed by id for the Ki cafe, named after the Japanese word for tree.

Cafe Ki by id

The monochrome space features black steel poles that resemble the shapes of bare trees.

Cafe Ki by id

The poles form the legs of the tables, which sit on a wooden floor.

Cafe Ki by id

Hats and coats can be hung from the branch-like hooks.

Cafe Ki by id

Small plates of sugar in the shape of transparent leaves sit on the surfaces.

Cafe Ki by id

The bricks of the facade are painted white, while a black graphic showing the cafe name is printed onto the large windows.

Cafe Ki by id

Here is more information from the designers:

Cafe Ki opened in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo in Japan, designed by Japanese design office id. Ki means a tree in Japanese. It is a cafe where coffee and pastries can be enjoyed in a space like a yard or a forest.

Cafe Ki by id

The pure white space enhances the coffee colored trees. The "tree" standing inside the café takes a role as a table leg made of steel. Hats and coats can be hung on the highly extended table legs.

Cafe Ki by id

Although a large number of people can sit around the big table, it can maintain a sense of comfortable distance while sharing the table with a different group since wooden branches help to divide the space on the table.

Cafe Ki by id

Moreover, the leg of the table randomly stands and those who sit down can freely choose a place where to sit. The grove where trees are randomly standing brings a deeper impression from front to back than actually it is.

Cafe Ki by id

Japanese design office id designed for Café Ki not only the interior but also, the graphics, uniform, website and original products.

  • pauline

    I don’t like it. It’s too simple.

    • dick_c

      Wait until spring when it’s in bloom. I like it, but also thought about my eyes.

  • BnJz

    I would probably poke out my eye.

  • Frank Matt

    I don’t see the forest.

  • lullylux

    Gosh it is so pretty, must have been hard work to reduce the key elements to such simple and elegant shapes. Great use of the negative space!

  • Cristina

    Ki is also listed as the Top 7 best designed venue by Ultra Vie in London: