Hyper-realistic renderings of a proposed cafe
in Ukraine


These hyper-realistic renderings by designer Michael Samoriz depict a cafe proposed for Ukraine with wooden beams criss-crossing over its ceiling.

Bristol 2 cafe by Umbra Design

Ukraine designer Michael Samoriz, co-founder of Umbra Design, created the 3D visualisations to show his design for the Bristol2 cafe planned for the city of Ivano-Frankivsk in western Ukraine.

Bristol 2 cafe by Umbra Design

The designer modelled the interior with black walls that will be textured using a cement-based covering called Microcemento, which creates continuous surfaces without joints and grooves.

Bristol 2 cafe by Umbra Design

European birch beams will intersect at different angles across the ceiling of the 110-square-metre space, contrasting with the black walls. "We wanted to make the project expressive, fresh and modern, using natural materials and finishes," said Samoriz.

Bristol 2 cafe by Umbra Design

A wooden dining surface at bar height will be cantilevered from a central concrete pillar, while large conical lampshades will hang over individual square tables.

Bristol 2 cafe by Umbra Design

At one end of the cafe, angled lamps will hang from a horizontal I beam on the wall, directing light onto circular black tables surrounded by stools.

Bristol 2 cafe by Umbra Design

Wine racks will store bottles above the bar and doorways, while wooden toilet cubicles stamped with a "fragile" motif like a packing crate will sit at the rear of the store.

Bristol 2 cafe by Umbra Design

The project is due for completion in summer 2014.

Bristol 2 cafe by Umbra Design

  • UnderArcadia

    Dual realities of the built and un-built.

  • Daniel Brown

    Ooo quick, let’s 3D print it!

  • Nerdy

    No sketches, no drawings, any ideas behind this beautiful jpeg?

  • fds

    I think there would a more positive reaction to these “hyper realistic” renderings if as much effort was put into the design as the renderings. I mean, you don’t need a hyper realistic rendering to convey the idea of crisscrossing beams to anyone.

    The only projects i’ve ever actually wanted to see super realistic studies of before they were built were projects super complicated skins that got the lens flare + washout treatment.

  • Christie Leong

    Can’t believe these are actually renderings. Holy.

  • Chris

    The scenes through the windows – seems the perspective is a bit out but otherwise, very impressive :)

  • spadestick

    I do some renderings in my free time – these are pretty good, but the bloom effects on the lights give it away. A little to sharp in some parts, grime and dirt are also missing and touch of vignetting would help complete it.

  • Chris Collaris

    The beers are a bit too perfect. Same goes for the vine bottle positions… Hyper realistic?

  • munchman

    I think the only reason why these are so indistinguishable from actual photographs are because of the trend to photograph architecture as uninhabited objects and photoshop out any flaws or traces of the people these architectures were actually designed for in the first place.

  • Michael Samoriz

    Do not look for too much realism. It’s just a design project. We’re the design studio. The title of this article may not really transmit the essence of the project. Thx!

  • Michael Jay

    Does anyone what rendering program/plugin this could be?