dezeen's Friday gossip update

We hope to make this a regular feature - let's see how it goes...

More musical chairs on the UK design mag scene: icon has appointed Justin McGuirk as its new editor, while one-time Blueprint editor Grant Gibson is to stand in as deputy to new RIBA Journal editor Hugh Pearman while Eleanor Young has her baby.

Now for all the Miami gossip: We hear that Marcel Wanders' new Crochet Chair ended up at the bottom of a swimming pool on the Friday night.

The chair, along with other iconic pieces from Wanders' back catalogue, had been floating on the pool on a polystyrene raft but it appears things got out of hand and the chair took a dive.


The party was to celebrate the launch of the Mondrian South Beach condo complex, where Wanders is designing some suites. We have MPEG footage of Wanders literally "launching" the chair on the pool, which we will post when we figure out how to do it.

Incidentally, there appears to be no truth in the rumour that Jay-Z and Beyonce bought Crochet Chairs during their visit to Design Miami.


A swooping timber installation by Arne Quinze of Belgian brand Qunize & Milan was dismantled on the orders of Miami Beach safety inspectors after it proved unstable in the high winds that buffeted the city.

The installation on top of the 460 Degrees Gallery on Miami Beach was removed before we had a chance to photograph it. Called Light & Speed, the flowing structure consisted of timber planks joined together and is part of a series of such installations Quinze has worked on in various cities.


Murray Moss looks after his young designers with the same loving care he devotes to his store, providing a stretch limo for people exhibiting at his temporary Moss Gallery in the Design District.

After the Marc Newson dinner at Craig Robins house, the designers were whisked back into town for more partying.

We hear one of the designers suggested a visit to a strip club, but when the driver phoned his boss to get approval, Moss vetoed the idea.


British design company Established & Sons have trademarked the paint colours used on the Seamless range of furniture designed by Zaha Hadid. The brand owns the formula to the special colour mixes used on the pieces.