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Humanitarian architecture network launches

Architecture for Humanity has launched the beta version of its Open Architecture Network - an open-source resource for architects working on humanitarian projects around the world.

The network is a response to what Architecture for Humanity calls the global housing crisis, in which one billion people live in abject poverty and one in seven people live in slum settlements.

Open Architecture Network will allow designers to share information on their projects, with their ideas protected by a Creative Commons licence.

"Designers of all persuasions can post their projects, browse projects posted by others, comment and review projects, discuss relevant topics, contribute to shared resources, collaborate with each other and access project management tools to support their work," says Architecture for Humanity.
"Designers work will be protected by a licensing system developed by Creative Commons. This will enable designers to share their work freely, while protecting their intellectual property rights and sheilding them from unwarranted uses of their design."