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CEO desk by Staffan Holm & Johannes Tjernberg

Staffan Holm has sent us new photos of CEO – a Rococo-style desk that appears to be made of Lego.


Holm designed the desk together with Johannes Tjernberg. Both designers are from Gothenburg in Sweden.


CEO, which is made of black enamelled beech and MDF, was launched at the Stockholm Furniture Fair earlier this year. It is available as a limited edition.


Holm has written the following explanation of the desk:

“CEO is a desk for a powerful person that reflects on a glimpse of the lost childhood, when life was easier and freer. We want to invite the director to a journey back to a time when life was filled with playfulness, more fun and when he or she was better at showing their feelings.

“We created the desk bound by the structural laws of LEGO-building bricks, combined this with the grace of the late Rococo furniture style and painted it glossy black to evoke feelings of exclusivity and power."

Holm and Tjernberg are about to launch a new multi-disciplinary design company with graphic designer Åsa Dahlbäck and product designer Anders Söderberg.

“We´re thinking of calling it Byrå Fyra, which means Bureau Four in Swedish and represents the four traditional ways to work with design, industrial, interior, graphic and product design," Holm says. “We´re gonna do it all."