Established & Sons in Milan 2

Established & Sons in Milan 2

Live from Milan: here is a second selection of new Established & Sons products, this time by Jasper Morrison, and Sebastian Wrong together with artist Richard Woods.


Wrong and Wood's Night Table and Chest of Drawers are shown above and below.


“The utilitarian feel of the furniture that we have made is somewhat at odds with the cartoon graphic surface that covers it, and I feel this marriage illustrates perfectly the success of the collaborative process," says Woods. "Making a new body of work that is both playful as well as being respectful to its aesthetic origins."


“This aesthetic, combined with Richard Woods vibrant, graphic wood block print, puts the idea of ‘DIY’ back into design and adds decoration with a twist," says Wrong.


Jasper Morrison's Crate Series (above and below) consists of five storage pieces that double as tables, storage units and a spare bed.


The new range follows on from the Crate bedside table Morrison produced last year.


“I wanted the Crate Series to give the impression they were home made, as if someone had the idea and then made it for themselves," says Morrison. "So although it’s very well made it has an exaggeratedly visible construction".




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