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The Smallest Show in Milan by FOC

Milan update: Freedom of Creation presented what they described as the Smallest Show in Milan, featuring tiny laser-sintered models of their own products.

The show consisted of four versions of new FOC lights and bowls, scaled down to a fortieth of their original size.

Produced to demonstrate the precision that can be achieved with the lastest rapid prototyping machines, the models measured just a few milimetres across yet reproduced every detail of the original.

They are shown here (above) with some pins for scale.

FOC's Janne Kyttanen said: “These are the most amazing things I have ever seen. I have been lucky to have experienced great breakthroughs many times over the years – with our first lamps, with the textiles – but the precision and the beauties of these micro products have very exciting potential for a world of design opportunities encompassing vastly different sectors, from the world of electronics to the mass customization of miniatures for children’s doll houses."

The models were produced by laser-sintering system manufacturer Eos.

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