Cat Mckee at New Designers

New Designers 07: Tap Light (above and below) is a wall light you turn on and off with a tap. It was designed by Cat Mckee, a graduate from the contemporary furniture course at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College.


Here too are a couple more of her projects: Window Bench (below) and Three-Level Table (bottom image).


McKee's work is on show at the New Designers exhibition in London until 15 July.


Below are statements from Mckee about each project:

Tap Light

Tap light works on the basis of our intuitive actions. There are hundreds of objects we use everyday without a second thought, a key, a door handle, a bottle top, but how is it we know how to use them? And what would happen if their function was altered? Tap Light’s non-distinct form offers little clue to its function, yet we intuitively know to turn the tap, and in doing so will discover its altered purpose.


Window Bench

A modern re-working of the 18th Century window seat, Window Bench is a place for relaxation and contemplation. Like sitting by a window, this seat is a window in itself which encourages us in our busy lives to take a moment in time just to sit with our thoughts, creating a personal space with a sense of closure from the outside world.

3-Level Table

As the population grows steadily older, 3-level table is designed with the mature single-occupant in mind. The three levels correspond to three heights: worktop height for preparing food, bar height for entertaining a guest, and dining height, with space for one or two persons. With three functions in one table, space is used in a more intelligent way.

About Mckee

Cat Mckee’s interest in design began when she was at school in Guildford, and quickly evolved to be the path she would follow to Degree Level. From school, Cat went on to do a Foundation Art Diploma at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design, where she specialised in three-dimensional design, fuelling her already blossoming interest in furniture. On the recommendation of her tutor, designer Sam Johnson, she went on to a three year Honours Degree at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College, studying Contemporary Furniture and Related Product Design. She graduated this year with an upper second degree, and hopes to begin a career in design this year.

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