D&A modular seating system by Assaf Israel

Designer Assaf Israel has sent us images and text about his D&A modular seating system.


We'll leave it to Israel to explain:


"My name is Assaf Israel and I am an Israeli product designer, Now living in London. I would like to interest you with a new Product I have designed - D&A modular public sitting system, which brings different people together.


"I attached a general picture of it and in case of interest I will explain you further more about the idea behind it:


D&A Sitting Sphere

A modular sitting system for internal public spaces

The D&A sitting system encourages interaction between people by making the public space more inviting and pleasant. It allows sitting options which vary from formal to non-formal sitting.


This freedom of choice on how to sit makes the users feel more comfortable and open to communicate with each other. The 4 units of the system create a unique landscape, change the atmosphere in the public space and bring us closer together.


The system is made out of rotation-moulded polyethylene which is then covered with foam. The finish is given by spraying flexible polyurethane or by upholstery or fabric.


* Winner of the Saphire prize Bezalel Academy and Citation in Project of the Year competition competition by Israeli Architecture magazine.