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PizzaKobra by Ron Arad for iGuzzini

PizzaKobra, a new table light designed for iGuzzini by Ron Arad, gets its UK launch tonight at iGuzzini's London showroom.


The light features an articulated, chrome-plated spiral that can lie in a flat coil on the ground (like a pizza) or be raised to resemble a cobra about to strike.

There are more images and details on the PizzaKobra website. Details from iGuzzini follow:



design: Ron Arad
year: 2007

Calling it a table lamp would be restrictive. PizzaKobra is a project.

The design is fluid and ever-changing. The shape is unstructured: at times it resembles a pizza, at times a cobra and sometimes it can look like a spiral.

Design, technology and material are expressed in a pure form, where the tension in terms of change and evolution is strong, and the playful influence of Ron Arad can clearly be seen.

The many different positions which PizzaKobra can assume make it an unstructured, flexible object, a perfect interpretation of the spirit in which Arad creates his designs: the element of function is there but is almost concealed, compressed by the chosen shape, by this chrome-plated spiral where light is captured and reflected between the hinges, just as it is in the interplay between mirrors.

The use of the selected material is also somewhat destabilising: the metal is unexpectedly soft, sinuous and bent to serve the shape.

PizzaKobra is the new iGuzzini dream light, an object of transformation par excellence and the ideal instrument for linking the company as it is today with the potential creative paths it may take in future.

Highly innovative and offering high levels of technical performance, PizzaKobra is the symbol of the new language of shape, which is increasingly used to express the lighting technology of the future: 6 cool white 1W LEDs and the option of directing the light-emitting head independently of the hi-tech hinges are features which guarantee that light is always emitted efficiently over the surface on which you are working. A switch with standby sensor on the light-emitting head means that the lamp can be switched on and off with a simple touch.