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Chit.Chat and Positive.Negative by J Mayer H

J Mayer H Architects present two projects during the Art Forum Berlin art fair, which starts on 29 September.


Chit.Chat (above) is a seating sculpture that will be presented by Magnus Muller Gallery at the fair, while Positive.Negative (below and top image) is an intervention at Kicken Gallery in the city. Photo is by Ludger Paffrath.


Here is a bit of text about Positive.Negative:


positive.negative is a strategic intervention into the existing gallery space. A dynamic object in two parts consisting of frame and infill, remakes the space into various scenarios for possible exhibitions.

The mutability of the gallery opens up unexpected possibilities to rethink conventions of white-cube-art-spaces as a static framework. Positive.negative densely probes new forms of presenting photography.