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Philip Michael Wolfson at Covent Garden Super Design

Philip Michael Wolfson of Wolfson Design is showing a number of limited-edition and one-off furniture pieces at Covent Garden Super Design in London next week.


Wolfson is exhibiting with design gallery The Apartment, one of three galleries taking part in the exhibition, which takes place from 9 to 14 October. More information on Covent Garden Super Design in our earlier story.


Here is some text from Wolfson:


Wolfson Design will be exhibiting works from two ‘series’ during the show examining a functional and sculptural approach to design, where the concept is derived from the dynamics of landscape formations and geometric movement.


LINE SERIES (above and below): An exploration of formal metamorphosis. Focusing on that ambiguous realm where different concepts are juxtaposed. It is more radical and more adventurous because it is suspended between sculpture and forms that may just conceivably be useable as furniture.


Included: Line Desk, Coffee Bench, Low Lounger


ORIGAMI (below): The Origami series looks at an abstraction of penetrating, folding, layering and juxtaposition of surfaces - static versus dynamic forces; a static moment of suspended action, frozen from a manual of folds


Included: Origami Chair, Origami Chair Rose Gold