Kitchen Club by And Off Architecture

Berlin architects And Off have completed a temporary private club called Kitchen Club * Die Blaue Caro in Stuttgart, Germany.


Info from And Off follows:


Private parties begin and end in the kitchen. The kitchen is the best surrounding for a private club.


The kitchen is converted into a club, as a floor sample of the existing tile pattern covers walls and ceiling in different scales. Some blue tiles of this programmable pattern get extruded and loaded with functions such as sound system, chandelier, fruit bowls, logo and deer. They create the infrastructure for the new use.


The floor sample is not only pure decoration, but interactive and spatially perceptible. Beyond that the grid with its blue tiles at the interfaces represents mutual exchange within a creative network, that celebrates in the blue caro and inspires itself.


The Pattern as an open source system is constantly changed by different events, in and outputs - it is permanently extended, converted and rearranged.