New Vespa S by Piaggio

Italian scooter manufacturer Piaggio has launched a new, seventies-styled version of its Vespa range, called the Vespa S.

Details from Piaggio follow:


Vespa S

The appeal of the sporty ‘Vespino’ lives on in the shape of the all-new Vespa S, inspired by Vespa’s long traditions in young and dynamic scooter design. The minimalist styling of the Vespa S traces its origins back to legendary models like the 50 Special and the Vespa Primavera.

The 1970s began with man landing on the moon and went on to become a decade of extraordinary creativity, a period that revolutionised our way of life. Fashion, design, cinema, and music, all played a part in transforming once rigid social conventions. Young people discovered a whole new awareness and became the driving force behind social change. The student protest movements that began in the late 1960s went on to shake Europe to the core.

In the cinema, films like Taxi Driver, the Godfather cycle, and the Deer Hunter set new standards. Rock music conquered the world, and grew into a host of genres. Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, CSN&Y, and Genesis pioneered new sounds and laid down the sound track to a decade that began with the break-up of the Beatles.

As always, rather than merely following fashion, Vespa led the way in creating new tendencies, and explicitly appealed to the younger generation, the real protagonists of those turbulent yet fertile years.

The Vespa Special and Vespa Primavera became the icons of a generation whose aspirations and conquests were to shape the world for decades to come. Compact, nippy, dynamic, and designed for sports riding, these were the models that inspired so many young people as they burst on to an exciting social scene.

The new Vespa S reflects the same inspirational values, not only in terms of technology, confirming the unbroken link between Vespa and the younger generation.

The style of the Vespa S

Sport, dynamism and originality are the trademarks of the all-new Vespa S. With its clean, essential lines, the Vespa S is a minimalist version of the legendary seventies models, and proof that the young spirit of Vespa is still very much alive.

The handlebar fairing houses a new rectangular headlight. This, of course, is not the first time for a Vespa to feature a rectangular headlight: fans are sure to recall the amazing 50 Special, a favourite with teenagers throughout the fabulous seventies. The front shield is more impressive too, with a new, aggressive looking air intake.

Reduced in size to reveal the layout of the suspension, the new shape mudguard also features a stylish chrome trim for an even sleeker look. The small size of the mudguard leaves the wheel and light alloy rim in full view in a tribute to the performance and high-tech design of the Vespa S.

The element that has seen most change and that characterises the new design is the front shield. Its clean styling recovers the pure lines that have always been the Vespa’s trademark. The shield’s uncluttered surface is fundamental and its simplicity and minimal thickness powerful design features.

The seat is typically ‘70s in styling and is available in two versions: the ‘Sport’, fitted as standard to the Vespa S 50 to enhance its dynamic character, and the ‘Touring’, fitted to the 125 to maximise comfort and usability. Both are available as options and can be fitted to either model. The seat is upholstered in new materials and enhanced with a classy trim that emphasises its stylish shape.

The rear of the Vespa S has an all-new look with a sleek, simple look and a new tail light designed especially to enhance the dynamism of this sporty model.

With its minimalist but decisive styling, simple yet elegant design, the Vespa S features the same dynamism and freshness that made the Vespa the favourite scooter of young people in the roaring seventies.