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Marina Bautier furniture collection for Idée

Young Belgian designer Marina Bautier has designed a furniture collection for Tokyo brand Idée.

The range, launched during Design Tide last month, is a development of the collection she exhibited at Salone Satellite in Milan back in April (see the story we wrote about her at the time).

Photos are by Naoki Morimoto/Idée.

Here's some information from Bautier:


New collection for Japanese manufacturer Idée, designed by Marina Bautier

After meeting at the Salone Satellite in Milan last April, the Japanese manufacturer Idée has commissioned Marina Bautier to design a collection of furniture, in the same line as the one she presented at the fair (the Bureau, Chaise & Tabouret, Portemanteau and Lamp).

Combining different material with oak, like metal, paper or paint, M. Bautier developed the following products: a flat pack Table assembled without any screws or tools, a compact wooden Chair to go with it, a home Desk formed by a wooden table and mobile metal accessories, a table Lamp with a paper shade and a Coathanger combined with a stool.

The collection was launched at Idée Shop écarté during Design Tide Tokyo in November and will be available in shops from 2008.

Product details:

materials: oak & powder coated steel
dimensions: 1200 x 600 x 740 mm
A wooden table with three mobile metal components: a bookend, a storage unit and a paper holder. The metal components transform this standard table into a desk, bringing the basic functions one needs today on a home desk. Those metal elements can be placed freely by the user. They are jointed to the table without any screws or tools, and can easily be moved from time to time.

Table and Chair
materials: oak, mdf & paint
dimensions chair: 360 x 420 x 710 mm - table: 1050 x 1050 x 720 mm
A very simply constructed table, sold flat, it’s assembled by the user without any screws or tools. The chair follows the same simple lines, very compact with its low backrest. Build in solid oak, the flat surfaces are coated with paint.

materials: oak
dimensions: 400 x 400 x 1620 mm

materials: oak & paper
dimensions: small 220 x 220 x 420 - tall 280 x 280 x 530 mm
This lamp distinguishes itself by the evidence of its construction. The number of pieces is voluntarily reduced: a base in oak, a die cut lamp shade in a non coated paper, a cable, a light socket and a metal piece allowing to fix it. The lamp is assembled by the simplest way: the lamp shade slides in a groove cut in the wood.