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Waternetworks – Drops by Fulguro

Milan 08: Swiss designers Fulguro have put their Waternetworks - Drops collection into production and exhibited it at the Teracrea showroom in Milan last month.


Products include a device for collecting extra rainwater for a plant pot or watering can, an umbrella stand where the falling drips water a plant below and a caraffe with spout for drinking water on one side and sprinkling holes for watering a plant on the other.


Prototypes of the range were first shown at Salone Satellite in Milan last year.


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Here's some text from Fulguro:


Throughout our career, we have been emphasizing the connection that man fosters with the vegetal in habitat.

Several projects and researches such as the concepts reHOUSE, reHOUSE/BATH and VOLET VERT have been developed around this theme.

We further pursue this reflection by presenting collection of objects : reLEAF, reCOVER, reFRESH.