Enchord table by Industrial Facility

Enchord is a two-tier work table by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin of Industrial Facility for Herman Miller's Lifework collection.


The table has a secondary surface underneath the table top to accommodate equipment associated with working at home such as laptops, papers and cables.


The lower surface is longer than the upper one and can be extended at either end by sliding it along.


An exhibition of recent and current projects by Industrial Facility is on show at the Design Museum in London until 7 September 2008.


The following information is from Herman Miller:


Enchord Table and Storage
Part of the Lifework set of products, May 2008.

Designed by Sam Hecht & Kim Colin/Industrial Facility for Herman Miller Inc

Available in the combinations of white oak and polyester coated surfaces. Frame is made of a combination of die-cast aluminium, with steel beam.

The Enchord table for Herman Miller is designed to combine the needs of home life with work. The table has two tabletops - primary and secondary surfaces, one beneath the other. The gap between them is used to store laptops, papers, other equipment and also a mass of cords and cabling. The lower surface helps keep the top surface clutter free, supporting peripherals and extending beyond the top surface by 12 inches on either side, forming a side or centered table. This simple yet seemingly obvious solution allows the table to be used for a range of tasks. It also mixes up the materials of the home and office, combining oak with steel and die-cast aluminium.

This table is provided at an affordable cost, a low complexity, and with a clean and relevant form that is open for many uses. The concept of the design being left a little unfinished or incomplete sometimes allows it to be used beyond the function it was originally intended for. In fact, this flexibility of use is something we admire from the historic Herman Miller furniture we have become accustomed to. If we are true to the way we live, who would buy a table for the home, soley for work? The truth is that we constantly mix and mould our life. The Enchord table acknowledges this condition."

Included as part of the Herman Miller Lifework portfolio, the secondary surface is available in either a pesto green or white polyester finish, with the primary surface available in either a white laminate or white oak.

A Multifunctional Mobile Cabinet is also part of the collection. It houses small supplies in the front drawer; binders and books in a front open compartment; letter-size hanging folders in a removable oak bin accessible from both sides; and small supplies and equipment on the top surface within a recessed tray. This top tray has a cut-out for routing cords. The cabinet involves a paired-down componentry - no draw slides are used.

The secondary tabletop can be moved to have the following options:

  • A 10" overhang on the left or right side of the table (for filing trays, photo printers etc.)
  • An 11.5" overhang on the left or right side of the table (for a printer or a scanner etc.)
  • A 5" overhang on either side.

Available in the US from August 2008.

Available in Europe from Autumn 2008