Psychomoulages by Olivier Peyricot

Psychomoulages by designer Olivier Peyricot is a series of ceramic vases inspired by "the tragic fragility of motorcycle helmets".


Made in an edition of 20, the pieces were exhibited as Part of Peyricot's Loud exhibition at ToolsGalerie in Paris last month.


Here's a bit of info about the pieces and about the (now closed) exhibition:


Psychomoulages are ceramic pieces, in reference to the tragic fragility of motorcycle helmets. They are limited series of the LOUD / Olivier Peyricot exhibition at ToolsGalerie - Paris.

The Loud exhibition "is about objects from a palace hotel of the future, distorted and fragmented by movement... to the point where the materials themselves overlap and are not quite what they seem: copper cushions, pencilled marble, transparent gold... Shapes collide with designs: tearing, fragmentation and collapsing produce the strange hypothetical objects of a post-design living environment..."
Olivier Peyricot

Desk-tidy / vase "Psychomoulages"

Styled from motorcycle helmets, two containers / sculptures in black or white glazed ceramic. Graphics commonly used on such helmets are applied to the ceramic, their look reminiscent of car-tuning practises.
20 pieces, numbered and signed + 2 AP + 1 prototype / per model.
white version: 27 x 28 x 28 cm
black version: 22 x 30 x 20 cm

credits photos : Daniel Schweizer