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Rocking Platforms by Constantinos Economides

Designer Constantinos Economides has sent a few photos of his Rocking Plaftorms - a range of rockers made of found chairs mounted on curved wooden platforms.


Economides recently completed an MA in industrial design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London.


Here's some text from Economides:


The rocking platforms offer salvation to a discarded chair’s life by re-using it, but also anew relationship with its user. The dawn of this relationship is also enhanced by the new experience the rocking platform has to offer.


Nonetheless, the use of one’s favorite chair, therefore transforming it into a rocking one, would enhance more experiences by using it extending in this way what the user cherishes into a higher level.

The rocking platforms come in two sizes, enabling them to be used individually or together, as with the example of the chair and the cradle. The rocking platforms are made form solid ash and were built by Batch Design in Brighton.