KitRadio by Samuel Rhoads-Clarke

New Designers 08: Samuel Rhoads-Clarke has designed a build-it-yourself radio with electronic components that combine to create urban or farm scenes.


Rhoads-Clarke, a graduate from Goldsmiths University, showed the radio at New Designers in London last month.


By assembling the parts manually, Rhoads-Clarke hopes consumers will have a longer-lasting relationship with products. "By re-educating the user to feel comfortable towards digital processes, the user is able to reconnect with products once again," he says.


Here's some more information from Rhoads-Clarke:

Childhood objects are no longer treasured for later years. It can be difficult to connect with an object when the processes of function are concealed away from physical reach. Digital processes are often alienating and are not understood by the products user due to the encasing of the technology.


In order to feel connected to digital products, the digital process needs to be demystified. The KitRadio unveils technology from its various interfaces and allows the user to become familiar with the technology behind the product


Components functions are mimicked by their brass character. The user is able to relate to the narrative of the diorama whilst being educated in digital circuitry. The process of building allows the user to evoke pride within their radio. The diorama acts as a reminder of this experience and lives with the user long after building the radio.