Wrapped by Pierre Kracht

Cologne 2009: young German designer Pierre Kracht has created a collection of objects called Wrapped.


The collection consists of a free standing lamp, a light fitting and a chair all made of a cocoon of thread.


Kracht entered the project into the d[3] contest organised by IMM Cologne 2009 last month, where it was chosen as part of an exhibition featuring 30 other designs; see our earlier story.


Here's a description by Kracht:


Wrapped - ensnares the past

Memories fashion our lives, yet fade with time. We want to hang on to them, secure them for the future, though this can only ever be an aspiration, for their true content remains ephemeral. Things become witnesses of their own history, their corporeality acts like a host. Their bodies are wrapped in thin string so that in the end they disappear; dissolve completely. Thus only their external forms remain in the usual place in the room, a mere hint, a shadow of what they are. Because they are no longer there, they question and confirm their purpose and function.