Cast series by Tom Dixon

A collection of aluminium objects cast from polystyrene foam by British designer Tom Dixon will be exhibited at Mitterrand+Cramer gallery in Geneva, Switzerland, from tomorrow.


Dixon shapes the objects in polystyrene foam before packing them in sand and pouring in molten aluminium.


The foam forms burn away, leaving the cast aluminium structures behind.


These are coated with gloss stove enamel.


The exhibition will continue until 2 May.


Here's some more information from Mitterrand+Cramer:


Simultaneously to the common opening night of the "QuARTier des Bains", Edward Mitterrand and Stéphanie Cramer are pleased to announce the second episode of a series of exhibitions dedicated to a selection of the most prominent contemporary designers.

Thus, after Studio Job, Mitterrand+Cramer, helped by swiss design curators Sophie et Philippe Cramer, are now proud to inaugurate the first solo exhibition in Switzerland by british design star, Tom Dixon, with twelve recent works processed by three different production means.

Observing this variety of mediums and technologies was the original idea behind this exhibition.

Cast series

The act of working in these super lightweight modern foam materials allows a total flexibility and speed in construction, which make the creative process akin to action painting or abstract expressionism in the sixties.

When transformed into aluminium through the casting process, the unique object is then fossilised, as the original evaporates into thin air, to be replaced by solid, heavyweight aluminium …. Alchemy at last!

The result is an object which is a one-off artefact that bears all the marks of the making activity.

Process: The polystyrene form is packed into a block of casting sand which is then set. Molten aluminium melts at 1000 degree’s and is poured in through a gate in the mould (holes allowing metal in and air out). The original polystyrene burns and evaporates out leaving the aluminium to fill and replicate the exact form.

Once cooled the piece is finished with a gloss stove enamel which is heat applied giving a high quality, corrosion resistant, durable finish