Force Lamp and Boy’s Lamp by Nika Zupanc

Ljubljana designer Nika Zupanc has designed two lamps for Slovenian lighting brand Vertigo Bird.


Force Lamp (above and top image) is a pendant light almost one metre in diametre, made of epoxy and steel.


Turning the protruding wing-nut on the aluminium Boy's Lamp (above and below) adjusts the height of the shade and alters the spread of the beam.


Here's some further information from Nika Zupanc:


Boy’s Lamp and Force Lamp by Nika Zupanc for Vertigo Bird

Force Lamp and Boys Lamp are two of Nika Zupanc’s designs that have been launched by Slovenian producer Vertigo Bird. After a successful presentation at Light + Building last year they are now available as final products. Both reflect Nika’s special touch of emotional extravagance, her desire to push the limits of aesthetics and speculate with new visual codes.


No, this charismatic and almost flying lamp was not recycled from a WW2 bomber nor from a soviet nuclear submarine. Its seriousness, fatality and its “impossible to ignore” nature are all genuine. This lamp was not crafted to impress, but to conquer. It gives you a reason to stop.

It gives you an excuse to escape. It gently pushes you to surrender. Under its powerful embrace you are free to feel protected.

Due to its size the chandelier needs an open and airy space. Force lamp is a logical continuation of the development of the Boy’s lamp. With its dimension and unpredictable use of the two forms it can be used in various situations.



You know, missions and treasons. Cars and rockets. Guns and bikinis. This light is a shiny tribute to the madness of them all. In the beginning it was conceived as a song about boyhood and manhood. It ended up as music that will give any room, office or conspiracy cabinet abundant reasons to feel sharp, confident and restless at heart. The lamp shines downwards. By changing the height of the lampshade it is possible to regulate the width of the beam on the surface.

Further information from manufacturer Vertigo Bird:

Vertigo Bird is a family of gentle yet forceful lighting equipment. ‘Unpredictably elegant + unexpectedly functional’ is the brand message which carries the belief in creativity as the well-conceived union of two different poles that jointly attain new value.

The brand products are created in close cooperation with different Slovenian and international designers. It’s ambition is to employ the talents and business experience of renowned creatives with energy and originality of a younger generation of emerging designers.