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Tamago by Merci Design

DMY Berlin 09: Latvian designers Merci Design presented a range of children's furniture made of recycled paper pulp at DMY Youngsters in Berlin last week.


Called Tamago ('egg' in Japanese), the system comprises seven different shapes that can also be combined to make number and letter forms.


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The information below is from the designers:


Tamago (Japanese for egg) is a new line of 100% recyclable children’s play furniture. Tamago’s innovative design provides young minds with an environment conducive to learning and self-expression.


While soft rounded edges, nontoxic construction, lightweight and ergonomic design cradles the child in comfort and safety.


Available in several colors Tamago’s blank canvas encourages the use of pencils, crayons or paint. Creativity will know no bounds as children personalize their Tamago. Parents will enjoy Tamago’s versatility, affordability and low environmental impact.


Tamago children’s furniture is made of the same material as egg cartons- 100% recycled paper pulp.


The Tamago Series consists of 7 pieces that combine to form letters and numbers.


The Tamago Series was developed in 2009 by Merci design of Latvia. Our studio strives to create new, innovative products that minimize their impact on the environment while maximizing the impact on your life.


Designers: Jānis Mercs, Indra Merca

Special thanks to: Ella Oša, Robert Mendez, Benesek Monk